Complete List of Shiloh Walker’s Books

Complete list of Shiloh Walker’s titles

Titles marked ** are temporarily out of print

Her Best Friend’s Lover

Seduced in Secret*

*formerly titled Whipped Cream and Handcuffs


The Hunters: Declan and Tori 

The Hunters: Eli and Sarel

Make Me Believe

Touch of Gypsy Fire**

The Dragon’s Warrior **

The Hunters: Byron & Kit 

The Hunters: Jon & Lori 

The Hunters: Ben & Shadoe 

Once Upon a Midnight Blue** 

Wicked Wild Fantasies*

*formerly titled Her Wildest Dreams

Coming in Last

Dreamer **

Mythe & Magick **

Mythe: Vampire **

Nebulous **

Her Sexy Scrooge

Back from Hell **

Telling Tales **

Djinn’s Wish **

Every Last Fantasy

Good Girls Don’t

Sage **

The Huntress**

Hunter’s Pride


Talking with the Dead

Always Yours**

I’ll Be Hunting You

His Every Desire

The Missing

Through the Veil

Hunter’s Edge**

Beautiful Girl

For the Love of Jazz

Vicious Vixen

Drastic Measures



Hunter’s Need

Candy Houses


My Lady**

Playing for Keeps

One Night with You**

The Dragon’s Woman** 

Hearts and Wishes**

Veil of Shadows ♦

♦Sequel to Through the Veil


Crazed Hearts

No Longer Mine

Beg Me

Tempt Me

No Prince Charming

Tarnished Knight

Never as it Seems

Jesse’s Girl

Locked in Silence**

Hunter’s Fall

If You Hear Her

The Departed

If You See Her

If You Know Her


Grimm Tidings**

Blind Destiny**

Beautiful Scars

The Unwanted**

The Reunited

The Protected


The Innocent

Burn For Me

Break For Me

Long for Me

Furious Fire**



The Virgin’s Night Out

Final Protocol

Grimm’s End**



Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy

Headed for Trouble

The Trouble With Temptation

The Right Kind of Trouble

Ruin Me

F*ck Club: Riley

F*ck Club: Con

Risk Me

Rule Me

Pieces of Me

The Doubted

Series & Connected Titles

The McKays

Headed for Trouble • The Trouble With Temptation • The Right Kind of Trouble

The FBI Psychics

The Missing • The Departed • The Unwilling • The Reunited • The Protected • The Doubted

Novellas (can be read out of order)

Talking with the Dead • The Unwanted • The Innocent

The Barnes Brothers

Wrecked • Razed • Busted • Ruined

The Ash Trilogy

If You Hear Her • If You See Her • If You Know Her

The Grimm

Candy Houses • No Prince Charming • Crazed Hearts • Tarnished Knight • Locked in Silence • Grimm Tidings • Blind Destiny • Furious Fire • Grimm’s End

Secrets & Shadows

Burn For Me • Break For Me • Long for Me

Deeper than Need • Sweeter than Sin • Darker than Desire

The Hunters

Tori and Declan • Eli and Sarel • Byron and Kit

Jonathon and Lori • Ben and Shadoe • Rafe and Sheila

The Huntress • Hunter’s Pride • Malachi •

Hunting the Hunter • Hunters: Heart and Southe l • Hunter’s Salvation

Hunter’s Choice • Hunter’s Need • Hunt Me • Hunter’s Fall • Hunter’s Rise


Blade Song • Night Blade • Broken Blade

 Bladed Magic • Edged Blade • Shadowed Blade

 •  Haunted Blade  •