Complete list of Shiloh Walker’s Books

Titles marked ** are temporarily out of print

Her Best Friend’s Lover

Seduced in Secret*

*formerly titled Whipped Cream and Handcuffs


The Hunters: Declan and Tori 

The Hunters: Eli and Sarel

Make Me Believe

Of  Mischief & Magic*

The Dragon’s Warrior **

The Hunters: Byron & Kit 

The Hunters: Jon & Lori 

The Hunters: Ben & Shadoe 

Once Upon a Midnight Blue** 

Wicked Wild Fantasies*

*formerly titled Her Wildest Dreams

Coming in Last

Dreamer **

Mythe & Magick **

Mythe: Vampire **

Nebulous **

Her Sexy Scrooge

Back from Hell **

Telling Tales **

Djinn’s Wish **

Every Last Fantasy

Good Girls Don’t

Sage **

The Huntress**

Hunter’s Pride


Talking with the Dead

Always Yours**

I’ll Be Hunting You

His Every Desire

The Missing

Through the Veil

Hunter’s Edge

Beautiful Girl

For the Love of Jazz

Vicious Vixen

Drastic Measures



Hunter’s Need

Candy Houses


My Lady*

Playing for Keeps

One Night with You

The Dragon’s Woman 

Hearts and Wishes

Veil of Shadows ♦

♦Sequel to Through the Veil


Crazed Hearts

No Longer Mine

Beg Me

Tempt Me

No Prince Charming

Tarnished Knight

Never as it Seems

Jesse’s Girl

Locked in Silence

Hunter’s Fall

If You Hear Her

The Departed

If You See Her

If You Know Her


You Own Me

Grimm Tidings

Blind Destiny

Beautiful Scars

The Unwanted

The Reunited

The Protected


The Innocent

Burn For Me

Break For Me

Long for Me

Furious Fire**



The Virgin’s Night Out

Final Protocol

Grimm’s End**




Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy

Headed for Trouble

The Trouble With Temptation

The Right Kind of Trouble

Ruin Me

F*ck Club: Riley

F*ck Club: Con

Risk Me

Rule Me

Pieces of Me

The Doubted


Sexy Little Secrets

Lacey’s Game


Grimm’s End

The Virgin: Revenge & Redemption

A Prime’s Passion

A Dragon’s Desire

Kiss & Telling At The Wishing Well

Crashed: A Barnes Brother’s Novel

Series & Connected Titles

The McKays

Headed for Trouble • The Trouble With Temptation • The Right Kind of Trouble

The FBI Psychics

The Missing • The Departed • The Unwilling • The Reunited • The Protected • The Doubted

Novellas (can be read out of order)

Talking with the Dead • The Unwanted • The Innocent

The Barnes Brothers

Wrecked • Razed • Busted • Ruined • Crashed

The Ash Trilogy

If You Hear Her • If You See Her • If You Know Her

The Grimm

Candy Houses • No Prince Charming • Crazed Hearts • Tarnished Knight • Locked in Silence • Grimm Tidings • Blind Destiny • Furious Fire • Grimm’s End

Secrets & Shadows

Burn For Me • Break For Me • Long for Me

Deeper than Need • Sweeter than Sin • Darker than Desire

The Hunters

Tori and Declan • Eli and Sarel • Byron and Kit

Jonathon and Lori • Ben and Shadoe • Rafe and Sheila

The Huntress • Hunter’s Pride • Malachi •

Hunting the Hunter • Hunters: Heart and Soul • Hunter’s Salvation

Hunter’s Choice • Hunter’s Need • Hunt Me • Hunter’s Fall • Hunter’s Rise


Blade Song • Night Blade • Broken Blade

 Bladed Magic • Edged Blade • Shadowed Blade

 •  Haunted Blade  • Blooded Blade