Military Romance

SEALionaire: Book 1

Navy SEAL, Adam “Reaper” Dedman, has lost almost everything he holds dear, and is about to lose the last thing that’s keeping him alive – his career in the US Navy.

After Reaper gets arrested for nearly killing five men in a bar fight, a mystery women, Olivia “O” Darling shows up, telling him she’s there to help him. That his life not over. In fact, it could be just beginning. All he has to do is agree to meet the father he’s never known.

But Reaper isn’t big on the forgive and forget part. His dad was never part of his life in the past. Why now? Besides, he doesn’t have time for complications. The US Navy is looking to hammer him for the trouble he’s caused. So everything else will have to wait. And that includes the sexy Olivia Darling.

Don’t miss SEALionaire, the exciting new military romance by bestselling authors, Shiloh Walker and M. S. Parker.


I had a beautiful blonde curled around me, her hand wrapped around my cock as she moved her head up and down.

The body was willing but the brain was disengaged. Even when she climbed on top and began to move, nothing other than my dick was interested.  She made hungry little noises and because it wasn’t her fault that my mind was a few miles—and a few thousand miles—away, I rolled us after and began to drive into her, finding a rhythm that had her moaning, then mewling and finally begging me…Don’t stop, don’t stop…

When it was over, I slid away and grabbed my clothes, moving into the shower.

She was lying on her side, smiling at me when I came out.

She wasn’t all bothered to see me sliding my feet into my shoes or grabbing my wallet.

I couldn’t even remember her name, although I was sure she knew mine.  I knew her type.  She hung out at the bars nearest the base and looked for her type—SEALS, generally.  I’d seen her before and for the most part, I avoided her.  I didn’t have anything against her.  She wanted a certain rush, the same way I did.  I got mine jumping out of planes. She got hers by screwing the men she viewed as bad-asses. No harm, no foul.

“Can I see you again?” she asked.

“No.” Shaking my head, I turned to the door.  In the mirror, I saw her mouth form a pout, but I knew she wasn’t too down about it.  There was always another man in uniform.

She’d gotten what she needed from me.

I wish I’d gotten what I needed—a little bit of forgetfulness.

But I hadn’t forgotten a damn thing.

Now I had to go and find out what had really happened all the months ago.

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Navy Seal Billionaire RomanceSEALionaire: Book 2

Former Navy SEAL Adam “Reaper” Dedman is cruising toward the bottom of the pit of despair. The Navy has washed their hands of him and now he’s got nothing else to do but waste the rest of his life. Or so he thinks.

Down on his luck and running out of choices, Reaper agrees to meet the man who walked away from his mother. If not for anything else, it’ll give him another chance to get close to the mysterious but oh so sexy, Olivia “O” Darling.

Don’t miss Book 2 of the sexy Navy SEAL romance trilogy, SEALionaire, as it turns up the heat.

Currently only available on KIndle.  Will be available on other platforms in 90 days.


My head was still pounding the next morning.

I guzzled another twenty ounces or so of water and hit the pavement, running until my legs felt like putty and I was breathing way too hard.

I had to walk it off and wait for my heart to settle before I could make the trip back home.

I’d run for a good forty-five minutes, but that shouldn’t have been enough to leave me feeling so wasted.

Unless of course I’d spent the past few weeks trying to slowly poison myself with alcohol. There was a good possibility I was going to take a few more days before I felt even close to myself again.

Whatever it was to feel like myself again.

By the time I got home, the sun was creeping up the horizon.  No lights were on in the house.

Hawk and Gator were crashing for a while yet—they’d both requested leave. Gator was starting the drive back sometime today.  Hawk had said he’d make the determination later.

I assumed that meant he’d be heading back once he was sure I wasn’t going to fall back into a bottle.

Pacing back and forth in front of the house, waiting for my breathing to settle, I caught sight of a car coming toward me.

When it slowed, something that might have been both dread and anticipation bloomed in my gut and I was at all surprised when the door opened and I saw that sleek, dark cap of hair.

I should have known.

The house had been looking a little too neat, the grass a little too well kept, the flowers all nice and pretty.

As O came toward me, I swiped my hand over the back of my forehead and decided that maybe I’d just go ahead and sit down.  Might be easier to hide the raging hard-on I’d developed.


It had been months since I’d had that long, lean body under mine and I still wanted to feel it again, feel her. Taste her.

Turning on my heel, I moved for the porch.

“What did you do, bug the damn house?” I asked.  The mean bastard was already showing in my voice, but it was either be mean or…touch her.

“No. Good morning to you, Reaper.  Nice to see you, Reaper.  Been in town long, Reaper?”

The deliberate politeness in her voice rubbed me raw and I dropped down on the top step and reached for the bottle of water I’d left there before I went on my run.  Without saying anything, I opened it and guzzled half of it.  Then I capped it, looked at my wrist—I’d stopped wearing my watch back when I’d told myself I didn’t need to worry about being calling out on missions anymore.  Didn’t make it any easier to accept it, but the watch had been yet one more punch to the face I didn’t want to deal with.  “I don’t know what time it is, O, but it’s too fucking early to play games. What do you want?”

“Now, Reaper…if I wanted to play games, I’d let you know.”  She joined me on the step and the scent of her almost had me drooling, ready to go to my knees and press my face to her neck, her breasts, her lap…her everywhere.

Play games. Please…play games. Or let me play them.

“You going to tell me how long you’ve been back? Or are you in the mood to play games?” She stared out over the yard, her expression bland.

“Well, let me think.” I ran my tongue across my teeth and did a quick mental calculation.  “Probably about thirteen hours, give or take.”

“Thirteen hours. Give or take.”  She seemed to turn that over in her head, then nodded.  “I don’t want to sound rude, but you look like shit.”

“You don’t.” It popped out of me without me realizing I’d planned on saying it.

It was the truth though.  She’d done…something. It was subtle.  Her hair was a little different. Softer somehow, but nothing major.  And the blocky, ugly suits she’d worn each time I’d seen her were gone.

She wore red.

Power red.  That’s what it had to be.  The LT was married and his wife had used that term a time or two.  Tina—Hawk’s wife—ran her own marketing and promotions company out of her home, as well as raising her son.  I was sort of terrified of the woman, if I had to be honest.  I can recall a barbeque he’d had at his place once and some of the women had been gushing over a pair of red shoes one of the women had been looking at one a computer but they’d hated the price and Tina had said, Get them and screw the price…every woman needs a pair of shoes in that shade of red at least once.  Power red. It makes the world sit up and notice.

Only it wasn’t a red pair of shoes O was wearing.

It was a form-fitting dress that highlighted those long legs and those strong shoulders and I wanted to peel that skirt up and find out what she was wearing underneath—then I wanted to get rid of it and bury myself inside her.

Tina was right.  That shade of red made the world—and my dick—sit up and take notice.

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sealionaire 3SEALionaire: Book 3

Keeping his hands, his mind, his eyes, his mouth, his everything, off of Olivia “O” Darling, has proven to be a bit harder than former Navy SEAL Adam “Reaper” Dedman can handle.
Not only does she drive him crazy, she makes him laugh.
When an attack endangers both of them, he discovers there is little he won’t do to protect her.

Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to SEALionaire, the sexy Navy SEAL romance by MS Parker and Shiloh Walker.


“You move like a ghost and you’ve got the hearing of…well, something that hears really, really good.”  She straddled me in the darkness, seeking me out unerringly.

My hands went to her hips.  “You need to go sleep.”

“I will. After this.” Her mouth sought out mine.

And I felt the damp tracks on her face.

She’d been crying.

Fuck me.

How could I send her away when she’d been crying?

She reached for the buttons on my shirt, her mouth moving from mine to trail a line of kisses down my jawline and neck.  Letting my head fall back, I blocked out everything from earlier, told myself that all that mattered was here and now.

Then I stopped trying to pretend.

Flipping her onto her back, I sought out her face in the dim light.  She was still struggling to see me, but my night sight had always been acute and years in the Navy had only strengthened it.  “What is this to you?” I asked, cupping her chin and staring into her eyes.

She blinked, finally focusing on my face.


I kissed her hard and fast, using my knee to nudge her thighs apart.  “What is this to you?” I asked again.  “Am I just a good, handy fuck or do we have something? Are you just using me to forget about everything in your world going to hell? If so, trust me, I get it but I need to know.”

She slid her hands up my chest and cupped my face.

“Everything in my world is going to hell,” she said bluntly.  “Everything but you.”


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