Fire sale…um, okay, ebook sale…

BF 2017

I’ve marked my self-pubbed ebooks down for the holidays! If you’re looking to buy some backlist books or maybe get a friend started, now’s a good time!

Please note, this doesn’t include my traditionally published books, although a few of them are on sale, nor does it include the books I’ve co-written with partners.

But it does include a lot of books…

Like…all of these. Sale pricing is at Amazon, iBooks, & Kobo

Prices range from 0.99 to 2.99 for the self pubbed and there are a few traditional pubbed books at the bottom that are also on sale!

The sale is also good at Smashwords… just use the coupon in bold off to the side. (If no coupon already at 0.99 at SW)

The Kit Colbana Series Boxed Set Books 1-3 Coupon Code (SmashwordsEX58C

Blade Song (SmashwordsYF95H

Night Blade (SmashwordsSV72S

Broken Blade (SmashwordsMD49V

Edged Blade (SmashwordsAP79Z

Shadowed Blade (Smashwords) JP58N

Haunted Blade (SmashwordsYA62W

Her Best Friend’s Lover  (SmashwordsMG68E

Seduced in Secret*

*formerly titled Whipped Cream and Handcuffs

The Hunters: Declan and Tori 

The Hunters: Eli and Sarel CT74C 

The Hunters: Byron & Kit 

The Hunters: Jon & Lori  (SmashwordsAA67G

The Hunters: Ben & Shadoe (SmashwordsKL46X

Wicked Wild Fantasies* (SmashwordsRD49F

*formerly titled Her Wildest Dreams

F*ck Club: Riley (SmashwordsCR54U

F*ck Club: Con  (SmashwordsTM78Y

Her Sexy Scrooge

Every Last Fantasy

Good Girls Don’t

Talking with the Dead (SmashwordsRX96B

I’ll Be Hunting You  (SmashwordsDJ47N

His Every Desire  (SmashwordsWF98Y

Beautiful Girl  (SmashwordsSN47H

For the Love of Jazz  (AMZ only)

Vicious Vixen  (SmashwordsKA96F

Drastic Measures

Candy Houses

Playing for Keeps  (SmashwordsYD87W

Crazed Hearts  (SmashwordsVU88D

No Longer Mine  (SmashwordsMW35Y

Beg Me

Tempt Me

No Prince Charming  (SmashwordsAD83Y

Never as it Seems  (Smashwords)

Jesse’s Girl  (SmashwordsBM84E

Beautiful Scars  (SmashwordsUU67Q

The Virgin’s Night Out  (SmashwordsQP25J

Final Protocol  (SmashwordsEB74X

Traditionally pubbed books on sale

The Departed



The Protected



Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy