Some book sales…

So I have some books on sale through Kindle…

Haunted Magic •  The Doubted • Coming in Last
Blind Destiny  •  Cocksure  •  Spectre  •  The Unwanted
Final Protocol  •  Haunted Blade
Titles available on Amazon at discounted pricing
Kindle Monthly Deals

I believe most, if not all, are priced at $1.99 and the prices last through the end of the month. Some prices might be matched at the other retailers, so you can click on the title to check it out and follow the other links.

Friends to lovers with a secret crush, movie star twist

Luke - good looking blond guy with a cocky smirk

Cocksure @ Amazon

SPECTRE 2018 Cover - Erotic Romantic Suspense - attractive, bald  male facing away from the viewer, foggy/ murky view,  text reads MYTH, MONSTER, MINE

He was supposed to kill her but decided to save her instead

Spectre @ Amazon

She is a killer.  If she was ever anything else, she doesn’t remember.

Final Protocol @ Amazon

Coming in last 2019 cover, couple sitting face to face in am embrace, soft golden light filtering in

He always gets his man, even if it means coming in last with the woman he’s fallen in love with

Coming in Last @ Amazon

FBI Psychics 7 - A good looking guy at night, staring down at his hands.

An untrained psychic, a marked man—all odds are against them.

The Doubted @ Amazon

unwanted - a young man staring down at the ground, a woman's face in the distance.

She doesn’t want him. He doesn’t need her. Like hell.

The Unwanted @ Amazon

Haunted. Hunted…Harassed.

Haunted Blade @ Amazon

gorgeous redhead, magical elements. She's looking over her shoulder at viewer.

Magic made her. Then it broke her. Now it haunts her…and she doesn’t know if she can find her back.

Haunted Magic @ Amazon