Hot Takes: Part 3 – It’s a *BAD* idea to piss off Nora Roberts

The past week has been a hot bitch of a mess with the plagiarism, the confusion with some people not understanding the difference with between plagiarism & GW, frustration over how scammers have been screwing things up for writers on Amazon and hello, of course, Amazon does not care.

Everything is crazy, the world is burning burning in romancelandia, but one should always keep isomething in mind.

And Christopher Barnes knows exactly what it is.

Now let me make an addendum.

Don’t ever come for Nora Roberts

Cristine Serruya made the huge, ginornmous mistake plagiarizing Nora Roberts. La Nora.

Flynn from Tangled, A Horrible Decision, Cris Serruya  plagiarizing Nora Roberts

It’s not because of Nora’s fan base, either. Although, I mean, if you want to piss off a group of readers, hell, why not piss off the fanbase of the most widely read romance author in the world, who has been translated into pretty much every spoken language, including Martian…okay, maybe not Martian, who basically rebuilt a small town around her husband’s bookstore and inspires readers from all over the globe to come visit one of the signings she holds at that store.  That just seems brilliant to me. What about you?

But that isn’t the real problem.

NORA is the problem, and she just became Cris Serruya’s biggest nightmare. Nora dealt with plagiarism before, fought it before, won before and donated every cent.

It was never about the bloody money. —Nora

The last time she was plagiarized, a friend was the one who stole from her, she had people pressuring to play nice and let it go and she still took a stand.

She’s not going to do any less this time.

If I was Serruya, I’d be bracing myself, because not only does Nora have the resources to take this all the way to the end, she’s got the determination to do it, and again…it won’t be about the money.

If we determine Serruya’s theft of my work reaches the bar of infringement, I will sue. I can afford to while many of her victims can’t. —Nora

It’s not about the money with Nora. She’s simply somebody who’ll fight and stand up because she realizes not everybody can.

If there’s any other lunatic out there dumb enough to steal from Nora? You better be yanking that stuff down and fast.

Here’s a warning for anyone who’s stolen any of my work and claimed it as his/her own. I’m coming for you.–Nora

Her blog, in all its angry, beautiful glory is here at Fall into the Story.

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  1. I have to say…I don’t think she pissed off Nora. I think she pissed off J.D. Robb. (Don’t you think we all wish we had an alter ego that could come out and play when someone reaches this level of stupid? I know I do!) Love your work by the way……

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