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Hot Takes, Copyright Fakes & How We Fix This

Updated/edited 3/28/2019. I had another moment. A twitter moment, that is. But I want to have it here at my blog, too. Alright, people…let’s play a game.  I’m going to… Read more »

Hot Takes: Part …Oh, honey…you went and pissed me off.

Wow. I think I stirred the pot with my scam talk yesterday. Some scammer types aren’t happy. Which, hey, that pleases me, but on the other hand…honey, you pissed me… Read more »

Hot Takes: Part 3 – It’s a *BAD* idea to piss off Nora Roberts

The past week has been a hot bitch of a mess with the plagiarism, the confusion with some people not understanding the difference with between plagiarism & GW, frustration over… Read more »

Hot Takes Part 2: Ghostwriting

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So, MORE drama in romancelandia.  I mean, seriously, the big girls in this group mostly want to write/read and just get on with our lives. But you always have to have… Read more »