Grimm's End

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I’ll be posting the covers for 30 Nights with A Dirty Boy series…

But so you don’t feel like you wasted your time…

Here’s a snippet.

I’d wanted a night with him.

No, actually… I’d wanted a number of nights and I’d wanted those nights to include things like naughty touches and kisses and flesh stroking against flesh and all the things I’d read about, all the things I’d dreamed about…but the things I’d never dared to think might be mine.

But it wasn’t going to happen tonight.

Well, the kisses did.

I was practically breathless from yet another one when he pulled away abruptly, leaving me feeling like I might totter and fall, even though I sat on the couch.

Staring at the heavily muscled wall of his back, I watched as he moved to the window.

He just stood there.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He glanced at me over his shoulder, a faint smile curling his lips. “I think you might call it…regrouping.”

I frowned.

Sean chuckled and turned toward me. “You’re an odd duck for me, Ella. I want to make sure I’m…” He paused and caught his lower lip between his teeth, sucking on it a moment before slowly releasing it. That action made me hungry to do that very same thing to him—bite his lower lip, suck on it, then let it go.

The thought was so erotic I had to clench my knees together to stem that ache that started to pulse between my thighs.

“You…ah…” I shook my head, thrown off track by my own fantasies. “You what?”

He started toward me, his movements slow and sensual. He made me think of a panther I’d once seen, all sleek, sensual menace. If he had pounced on me in that moment, I don’t think I would have minded it. Not at all.

* * * * *

Check back tomorrow… the Heroes & Heartbreakers blog and I will be posting the covers & blurbs for all three novellas in the serial. 🙂

Also, a reminder!  The Grimm series is still on sale, but only until Friday.

Blind Destiny

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Grimm Tidings 1.99

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After Friday, the sale ends and Greta turns back into a pumpkin and the swans will eat the glass slippers and…oh, wait.  I’m mixing my fairy tales.  Ignore me.  But seriously, the sale does end this weekend(ish)~sometimes the retailers take a while to revert prices back.

And next week, the last book in the series releases.

Grimm's End

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I’ve got more news that I’ll be posting later week, too.  Stay tuned.