The Overlords of RWA are at it again

They are moderating like hell & damn. Either it’s a piss poor attempt at damage control or they’re just pissed… or the trolls using the self moderating tools run amok.

My post, which was deleted from one forum thread but not the other.

We need a plan of action. That’s pretty a no-brainer.

I propose the following:

  1. Carol Ritter must step down immediately. Her actions over the past several years helped set the stage for our current dilemma and she can’t be part of the fix. No, it won’t be easy moving forward without an ED, but rebuilding on the shaky ground she’s helped foster won’t be any easier.
  2. The board must broaden the scope of the audit to go back a minimum of three years, with a focus on how ethics complaints were received and handled from the very minute of receipt. 
  3. Under no circumstances is Carol Ritter to be involved in the process. If she is amenable, I nominate LS ** [hidden as I don’t want her to feel put on the spot] to step into this role.
  4. A full, interim board must be established. I propose we contact members who resigned in protest & ask if they would be willing to resume their roles until permanent replacements are found. If these members, understandably, don’t want to involve themselves, several past board members have volunteered their services and we should accept.
  5. Cancel Nationals. It will be joke regardless. Don’t be the punchline.

I don’t know if thewe steps are the answer or even in the right direction but maybe we can get the subject going, if nothing else.

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