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Hot Takes: A Summary, And…

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. If you’re here looking for info about the Kindle scammers, etc, I’m going to give a short run-down. FYI, if you asked me a Q on Facebook or Twitter or email and got directed here, it’s because I’ve already addressed the Q

Hot takes: A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s pretty obvious that the scammers out there don’t understand that the value in creativity.

I mean, they get pissy if you even suggest they’re doing something wrong. Spoiler alert: They are.

Those of us who value creativity, whether we’re creators of it or consumers or both, understand the value. We get how boring the world would be if all things were the same.

Billie Jowls, whoever that is, doesn’t like me

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She’ll languish in moderation…I heard that phase from somebody, but can’t remember who. Anyway, I wanted Billie to know, I see her loud & clear, but…well, my blog is mine… Read more »