Insta-love and building bridges

Kindle   H/T to Pearl for giving me a blog topic today!  I sometimes run out of steam when it’s near/around release time because…well, nerves.  FYI, just a reminder, though, there are only a few hours to enter for the ARC of DEEPER THAN NEED. This is more of a writer/storytelling/craft ramble. On twitter a […]

What do you write?

When I was in New Jersey, I went out to dinner with a lady from my street team and a couple of writers.  We had a great time and one of the writers looked at me and asked me what I wrote. But she wasn’t exactly talking about genre.  She’d mentioned a discussion she’d had with […]

So this happened…

I decided to make a last minute pitstop before we headed onto vacation. There was an awards show and somebody told me I should really, really go. I’m really, really glad I did. The Unwilling won the National Readers Choice Award in the Novella category.  I entered Hunter’s Rise, The Departed and Stolen as well. All finaled.  This […]

A break…

This post is sticky… there may be newer posts below. I need a break. My brain is tired.  To be blunt, I feel burnt-out, not on writing, but on all the stuff that isn’t writing but is necessary to do in order to be a writer.  Although if I could take a month or two […]

Why Amazon & BN reviews matter

I had a reader ask me why the Amazon & BN reviews matter…  I’ve noticed you’ve been pushing for more reviews…the book club thing and periodic requests for reviews, etc on twitter, FB.  I don’t ever pay attention to them.  I ask friends or go to blogs.  Store reviews just don’t matter to me.  What’s […]

Rethinking how I think

Kindle So there’s a big hullabuloo (is that how you spell it?) going on because an UF writer turned erotica writer is having some issues… her UF doesn’t sell, and she doesn’t like that.  Her erotica writing does… and she likes the money, I think, but she’s not really into erotica.  She thinks it’s trash. […]

The definition of success

A workshop I attended…  Author Unknown tells Supercool Author: You’ve been my idol.  You did everything I wanted to do.  Tell me…how can I avoid making the mistakes you made…your career just tanked. At this, I just kinda gaped. Because Supercool Author has the kind of career that makes me starry-eyed. A movie made after her […]

Waiting for the waves

One of the talks I listened to at the WRWDC retreat was giving by Jane Porter and it was about how much she learned just from being in love with a surfer.  And not just because hey…surfers, that’s gotta be cool, right? Listening to her talk, you get the feeling that Jane has had one […]