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Shiloh Walker

Today, I ask you to be a problem

So I saw the link to this

It’s a review of Laura Vivanco’s book.  I see Laura online. I know she’s wicked smart.  That’s about all I know.  But she wrote a book…about romances, awesome, right?

And this woman reviewed it and decided readers are the problem.

But clearly there is a vast and satisfied readership out there who want to read novels written like this: they choose to buy these books, and that’s the problem.

Hey.  Cool.  I like being a problem.

So, I bought two books.

I bought…

maisey sarah


Chosen specifically since Doc Macdonald was really ragging on categories and I don’t think I can buy M&Bs here in the states.  So I shared my love (and was a problem) with HQN instead.

I urge you today to be a problem.  And if HQN or Mills and Boon isn’t your speed, you can always buy me.  I’m totally for sale. 😉


Yes…. I haz it.

Say What…

I just got my RWR for the month.  And it has my article on digital self-publishing.  No, I’m not eating my words with Beg Me, because after all, I never said I wouldn’t try it again.  I said it wasn’t likely.

And if it wasn’t for a few friends who kept nagging me at RAW in September, I don’t know that I would have decided to try going independently with Beg Me.  I’m not going into detail about things, but long story short, I figured I’d give the digital self-publishing thing another shot, if I could come up with another idea.  And I did.  Beg Me.  Timing-wise, if I tried sending it to Samhain, it wouldn’t get published for almost a year. I don’t want to wait that long for it, and if I did, it would put off the next Grimm book for that much longer.  It also came along at a time when…well, I needed to control something-completely.  I didn’t want to worry about not getting the title I wanted, or worry if the subject matter was too dark-yes, it’s dark and the story isn’t for everybody, I know this.  I needed to control something and damn it, that’s what I did.

In the long run, this will be an interesting experience-and already has been.  I’ve gotten to work with a great freelance editor, got an idea of what the costs are, got to control the cover aspect from start to finish-realized I can do a blurb without screwing it up, although it’s a good thing a synopsis wasn’t required.  I’ll get a better idea of whether or not it really is a feasible option to consider in the future, because as the article mentions, my previous experience with digital self-publishing?  Complete and total flop.

And… FYI… this is why I rarely say never.  Because I don’t like eating my words or backtracking, and I knew it was possible I might try it in the future.  I just didn’t expect it to happen this soon.

Regardless, it’s not something I see me turning to in the future altogether.  It’s too much work and I want somebody else doing this extra stuff so I don’t need to, and if this had been a harder book to write, or a longer book?  It wouldn’t be going out solo.

Post HEA Nookie

RRRJes/Read React Review did a review on Veil of Shadows *and holy crap, she liked it, yay!*

But one thing she mentioned was that she didn’t much care for the sex that comes at the end of the book…once the HEA has been achieved.  Tongue in cheek, I replied,

you don’t like HEA sex? You’re a sick puppy, Jess. ;)

Although I will admit, I was curious as to why…I mean, I’ve read a lot of books where there wasn’t any HEA sex, and I felt cheated.  Not with all books, but with a number of romances, particularly the hotter ones.

Rosario added in:

Sex scenes where there’s nothing at stake (and I would assume if we’re after the HEA, there isn’t) bore me.

And I guess, on a some level, that makes sense… but the way I’m viewing it, and this is probably because when I’m writing, even though I don’t write beyond the HEA for most books… I’m still seeing more. Not story more-nothing I could write, I just see that more happens in their lives.  Which means, for me, there’s certainly more at stake.  More of their stories, more of their lives… their romance.  And I also know that a HEA for two committed people generally does involve sex.  At least mine does.

I kind of view sex at the end of a hotter romance the same way I view a kiss, so to speak… it’s a wrap up.  It’s like when the DH is leaving to run to the store…I tell him, I love you, although he knows, and I give him a kiss.

With these scenes is there anything at stake? Well, they did find their happy ever after…but anybody who is married or involved in a committed relationship knows that HEA doesn’t stop with making that commitment.  It’s an every day thing-part of that every day thing does involve a happy sex life, at least in my opinion.  Which is kind of why I enjoy hotter romances, why I like the HEA sex…it’s an ending to one phase, a beginning to another phase…a wrap-up for me.

Plus, freely, I admit… I just like well written love scenes.

I’m curious though… how do you all feel about them????

No Prince Charming… the next Grimm Fairy tale…now out.

Releases today… (please note, I’m loading this to go live at my normal time-the book will probably be available sometime Tuesday morning, EST)

No Prince Charming

Her Happy-Ever-After has been a long time coming…

Elle spent years trying to get over her so-called Prince Charming, and she’s finally getting the hang of it. A Grimm—a guardian angel with unique gifts—she spends her nights trolling for demons and kicking ass, and lately, her days have been spent with her on-and-off-again lover, Ren, a fellow Grimm. But fate has other plans in store for Elle, plans that include Michael, the prince from her youth who broke her heart.

“What do you choose…live for her? Or would you rather die?” That was the choice Michael was given all those years ago. Although he knew she’d never forgive him, when Michael was given the chance to become a Grimm, he took it. Still, he isn’t so sure Elle needs him in her life. With a lover at her side and a mission before her, Elle looks like she’s doing just fine without him.

But the not-so-charming prince isn’t going to back off that easily…not if there’s a chance she might need him again. He’d do anything to save her. Kill for her, live for her, die for her…

Warning: This dark, twisted version of Cinderella involves demons, deceit, desire, and debauchery between a princess and two sexy guardian angels, both determined to win the fair Cinderella.



All these years, he had been waiting for a second chance. All these years, he had waited for her.

Waited—because he’d been told that she would need him. He’d held onto that, because he loved her, because he wanted to believe she would one day forgive him, one day love him again, one day need him.

And now, here she was…so lovely, so beautiful and strong. So out of reach.

He’d been a delusional fool.

She leaned against her lover and smiled at him. A golden brow arched and she said, “What’s the matter, prince? Cat got your tongue?”

He skimmed his gaze over her once more, wishing he could move in and touch. Wishing he could take and taste. Instead, he tucked his hands into his pockets and inclined his head. “Just trying to understand your choice of clothing.”

“Oh, well, now. I can help there.” Elle gave him a devilish smile and leaned in, her voice a low, silken purr. “It’s a sex club. I’m trying to blend.”

Michael didn’t think Elle could ever blend. No matter what she did.

She was close…so close. Closing his eyes, he took a slow, careful breath, flooding his senses with her scent, reveling in the warmth he felt radiating from her.

But then she pulled back. Gone. Her eyes stared at his and she had a blank, bored expression on her face. “So now that you know why I’m pretending to be S&M Barbie, why don’t you get out of here?”

“I can’t.” Inclining his head, he said, “I was sent here. Told to find you, help you.”

“Help me?” She shrugged. “Sorry, Michael, I’ve already got help.” She inclined her head towards her companion and asked, “Ren, have you met Michael?”

“No.” A cold smile curled Ren’s lips and he stroked his jaw. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. Although I’ve heard of you. Quite a bit, actually. But, as you can see, help is already taken care of. Run along now…go crawl back under a rock or something.”

Michael bared his teeth in a grim smile. “I’ll go on along when I’m damn good and ready…what was the name again…Ren?”

The other man opened his mouth to respond and Michael looked away, dismissing him. “He sent me, Elle. You’re stuck with me.”

Elle’s lashes lowered, shielding her blue eyes from him.

But he didn’t need to see her eyes to feel her anger, feel her confusion.

She hid it behind a cool smile just a few seconds later. “I suspected as much. Damn, apparently I went and pissed somebody off but bad, if I got stuck with you.”

Michael managed to hide his wince, but just barely. “I’ll be sure to let him know you didn’t appreciate my presence.”

She didn’t need to ask which him he was talking about—it could only be Will. He was the only one who ever sent them anyway. All orders came through him. For the most part, those who served under Will’s lead didn’t have to follow orders—they knew their responsibilities and they did their jobs.

But every once in a while there came a special case.

Michael didn’t know what was special about this particular job, but if there was a chance in hell that Elle might actually need him, then he’d walk through fire to help her.

And if that meant he’d have to stand by at the side while another man pawed her, so fucking be it. He’d be insane when the job was done, but if she might need him, he didn’t give a damn.

If he was honest, he’d have to admit he’d walk through fire just to see her smile. Burns healed. Doing something that would actually put a real smile on her face? It would be worth a little pain.

You can buy in ebook @ Samhain!  And yes, for the print readers, this book will in all likelihood release in print.  🙂

a real-life love story

About a week ago, I was watching my husband playing video games with my son.  It’s the Wii Fit Plus, which comes with a ‘skateboarding’ game.

It brought back some memories.  My DH used to skateboard.  I can remember sitting on the curb and watching him when I was a kid.  I mentioned it on twitter and somebody asked me how long I’ve known him-how we’d met.

I’ve known him since I was ten or eleven.  My older brother used to skateboard with him.  I can remember watching them together and thinking… “He’s so cute…”

I also remember kicking him in the shins.  Yes, I had it bad.  And yes, I was mean.  And I mentioned the fact that I was ten or eleven, right?  I one time charged him $2 to make him a grilled cheese sandwich.

We started dating right around the time I turned fifteen.  He’d come over looking for my older brother, who wasn’t there.  I very snottily demanded, “So how come you never come over here to see ME?”

He gives me this weird look and says, “I didn’t know you wanted me to.”

A few days later, he calls me, asks if I’d want to go to the fireworks for the 4th of July with him.  A few weeks later, a movie.  I was fifteen.  He was getting ready to turn eighteen.  We’ve been together ever since.

When I was nineteen, he proposed.  We married when I was twenty.  I love him more every day.

Loving him is natural-it feels like I was born to love him, and I think I was.

Doesn’t mean it’s always been easy…it hasn’t.  Making a marriage work is just that-work.  But it’s worth it.

So I finally saw this movie


The bratlet’s been wanting to see it so I went ahead and bought the DVD for her for Christmas and we watched it last night.  I pretty much knew the plot-hey, I’m a romance writer and I hang out online a lot.  I had some idea of what was going to happen.

I can’t say I was disappointed, nor can I say I was pleasantly surprised.  The movie was okay.  I loved the dad.  I liked how he was cleaning his gun when Edward shows up *G*.  Made me laugh like  a loon and get the look from my ten year old.  I liked Alice.  The gazebo deal at the prom with all the lights?  Pretty.  And thinking back, the baseball game was kinda fun.

That’s about it.  It’s a cute teenaged love story and if I was a teen, I’d have probably been blown away by it.  As it is now, eh, I’ve done too many vamps and I’ve seen too many ‘forbidden’ love movies for this one to have really knocked my socks off.

I can see the appeal for some, but I’m not going to be lining up to see the third movie and while I know New Moon is still in theaters?  We’re waiting until it hits DVD, too.