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Say What…

I just got my RWR for the month.  And it has my article on digital self-publishing.  No, I’m not eating my words with Beg Me, because after all, I never said I wouldn’t try it again.  I said it wasn’t likely.

And if it wasn’t for a few friends who kept nagging me at RAW in September, I don’t know that I would have decided to try going independently with Beg Me.  I’m not going into detail about things, but long story short, I figured I’d give the digital self-publishing thing another shot, if I could come up with another idea.  And I did.  Beg Me.  Timing-wise, if I tried sending it to Samhain, it wouldn’t get published for almost a year. I don’t want to wait that long for it, and if I did, it would put off the next Grimm book for that much longer.  It also came along at a time when…well, I needed to control something-completely.  I didn’t want to worry about not getting the title I wanted, or worry if the subject matter was too dark-yes, it’s dark and the story isn’t for everybody, I know this.  I needed to control something and damn it, that’s what I did.

In the long run, this will be an interesting experience-and already has been.  I’ve gotten to work with a great freelance editor, got an idea of what the costs are, got to control the cover aspect from start to finish-realized I can do a blurb without screwing it up, although it’s a good thing a synopsis wasn’t required.  I’ll get a better idea of whether or not it really is a feasible option to consider in the future, because as the article mentions, my previous experience with digital self-publishing?  Complete and total flop.

And… FYI… this is why I rarely say never.  Because I don’t like eating my words or backtracking, and I knew it was possible I might try it in the future.  I just didn’t expect it to happen this soon.

Regardless, it’s not something I see me turning to in the future altogether.  It’s too much work and I want somebody else doing this extra stuff so I don’t need to, and if this had been a harder book to write, or a longer book?  It wouldn’t be going out solo.

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