For everybody who likes my dirty books

And I do mean dirty, like my old EC books…

I’ve got a book releasing from Amazon next week on Kindle & KDP. It was previously only on Kindle Vella but didn’t do all that great – I didn’t do much to promote it, so there’s that, but I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on – as always – and couldn’t keep up with getting chapters out as often as I wanted, so that’s also an issue.

In May, it will release on other platforms, but I have to allow 30 days before I publish it elsewhere per Vella’s terms.

Threesome lying with the woman between the couple. Air and magical elements around them. Cover for Kiss and Tell at the Wishing Well


Six months ago, I was bitten by my ex-boyfriend and turned over to his Alpha to cover gambling debts. I survived and escaped. After a mentor took me in and showed me how to live as a werewolf, I sought sanctuary in a small coastal town in Massachusetts.

I wasn’t looking for a lover or a new boyfriend. I certainly wasn’t looking for them, two beautiful, dangerous males who definitely weren’t human, nor anything I’d consider part of the safe and somewhat normal life I’d told myself I wanted.

But I found them…and I’m keeping them

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Power smacked me even as the man held up conciliatory hands.

“Truce, little wolf,” he said, slowly backing up several steps.

I growled, his blood hot and sweet in my mouth.

“I meant no harm.” He hitched up a shrug. “But you come onto my land and there’s been chaos ever since. The worst isn’t even over. I had to make sure you’d be worth it.”

I growled again, taking a step toward him.

“Alright, that was probably rude…” He offered a grin that some might call charming. I wanted to bite it off his face. “But you have to look at it from my point of view, little wolf. Two of those who’ve lived here the longest have been off their mark ever since you showed up. You go to a grocery store, get sneezed on and when you leave, the mayor hits you with his car…”

I snapped my teeth. That hadn’t been my fault.

He winced. “Okay, the mayor shouldn’t have been texting on his phone, I’ll give you that.”

I’d been being chased, but I wouldn’t tell him.

“Come on, Grace…shift into your human skin so we can talk.”

I didn’t want to. My wolf was there with me, and she was strong and I knew I was safe with her. But what choice did I have? None.

Laughing bitterly as my human skin settled in place, I rose and faced him. “Probably rude?” I bit off as I arranged my hair to cover as much of me as possible. Unbound, it was long enough to hit my ass so it covered a lot of essentials…just not all of them.

The man in front of me reeked of power, so much of it, my teeth ached, and the few swallows of his blood I’d ingested made me feel lightheaded.

“Is something about this funny?” he asked, eying me curiously. “I mean, I’m glad you decided to be reasonable and shift so we could have this conversation now rather than later but you didn’t seem amused earlier.”

I barked out another harsh laugh and he winced.

“None of this is funny,” I said, glaring at him. “Not being forced to shift shape out here naked in front of a stranger. Not having that stranger shove his nose against my crotch in some fucked-up dominance display—none of it is funny.”

His face took on a stony cast. “I wasn’t threatening you.”

“Live my life and tell me if it’s a threat. You’re such a fucking male—telling a woman what is and isn’t a threat to her.” Crossing my arms over my chest, I stared past him and drew in a ragged breath. The air was so thick with his magic, it almost choked me.

Maybe that was why I missed their scent until that precise moment.

Closing my eyes, I swore under my breath. Heat scalded my cheeks. I started to shake.

“Perhaps you’re right—that was badly done of me. I haven’t had a shapeshifter in my lands in decades…maybe even a couple of centuries. Look…I can help with…” He frowned at me, then glanced over my shoulder. “I can make them leave.”

“No.” I gave him a tight frown. “I’m leaving.”

“I haven’t made my decision.” He narrowed his eyes. “You know who I am.”

“Yes.” Fixing a blank look on my face, I replied, “And I’ve decided I don’t fucking care. If this is the shit I have to put up for sanctuary, then I don’t want it.”

“Wait. I know why you’re here.” Something on the man’s face shifted slightly and there was a softening, along with an expression that might have been guilt. “He won’t stop coming after you.”

I bared my teeth at him.

Behind me, I heard the others…footsteps of two men drawing closer.

“Maybe I should just let him try.” Then I shifted, the change coming easy, like liquid pouring over my skin. I felt the faint brush of fingers over my shoulder before my form wasn’t mine, but a wolf’s and then I was running, merging with the night to become one with it.

As I sped toward the rocky edge of the beach, I heard furious cursing, then Finn’s shouting out, “Damn it, Grace…can y’ not let me talk to you!”

No. I couldn’t. And I didn’t want to. I was tired of letting people use me, be cruel to me, toss me aside.

So. Fucking. Tired.

The wind whipped around me and a shadow stepped out of the night.

I recognized the large, lithe form in time only because the eyes burned midnight blue with specks of sunshine.


I twisted my body, pounced onto the broad, flat surface of a rock and scrambled onto the next, then the next.


Sebastian’s coolly cultured voice shattered the night in a blistering torrent of curses.

My wolf and I both smiled.

And still, we ran.