Today, I ask you to be a problem

So I saw the link to this

It’s a review of Laura Vivanco’s book.  I see Laura online. I know she’s wicked smart.  That’s about all I know.  But she wrote a book…about romances, awesome, right?

And this woman reviewed it and decided readers are the problem.

But clearly there is a vast and satisfied readership out there who want to read novels written like this: they choose to buy these books, and that’s the problem.

Hey.  Cool.  I like being a problem.

So, I bought two books.

I bought…

maisey sarah


Chosen specifically since Doc Macdonald was really ragging on categories and I don’t think I can buy M&Bs here in the states.  So I shared my love (and was a problem) with HQN instead.

I urge you today to be a problem.  And if HQN or Mills and Boon isn’t your speed, you can always buy me.  I’m totally for sale. 😉

10 Replies to “Today, I ask you to be a problem”

  1. That is one thing I have always hated. I love romance novels, love to read them, my mind totally is taken to an even happier place when I read them. However, I hate being put down or seen as a person who doesn’t read “real” books because I love them. I like to live in my happy world, where everyone gets a HEA. Is that so wrong? And now on to starting “Wrecked”. 🙂

  2. I like a good formula romance they are like a warm blanket on a rain day…they feel good to read and require little brain power to read…I know what is going to happen and that is not always a bad thing

  3. I didn’t know people had a problem with those who read romance books. They are the problem not us readers!

  4. I love romances and only romances, I have for over 40 years now and HQN is what got me hooked on romances; they were affordable and you got nice easy but still interesting stories. I still do my part!

  5. Goodness, what a literary snob. lol How can she not see the blanket statements made in the review are insulting?

    I am already a problem but I propose to be a bigger one now. 😛

  6. What bothers me the most is that the review is not of the book, but in indictment on the genre and its readers, all in one fell swoop–and done by two people who have barely a passing acquaintance with what they are condemning.

  7. I’m definitely a problem. One of my rewards for finishing my latest WIP was the latest HP by Robyn Donald, Island of Secrets and The Billionaire’s Passion (they pubbed them together as a duology. Very cool.) Just finished it a few minutes ago, in fact. Over the winter I worked on catching up with Fiona Brand’s HD backlist but I still have a couple more to purchase.

    After reading what this pinhead wrote, I think I’ll go order those titles and a few more right now so I’ll be an even BIGGER problem.

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