The Unwanted

Kindle He wasn’t looking at her, though. He was still studying the file in front of him, his gaze rapt and intent, as though it held the answers to the universe. Unaffected. Part of her wanted to sulk. The other part of her insisted this was a good thing. She did not need him being aware of […]

The Unwanted

Kindle He hadn’t looked at her much since they’d checked in for their flight. And he hadn’t said a word to her the past night after she’d told him about her spectacular failure four years earlier. Destin understood why easy enough. She had a hard time looking at herself. It had been years since Dawn […]

Author’s Choice! Lost in Love…

This is from Playing for Keeps…that is out in ebook now…or you can get it in print next week, along with A Forever Kind of Love. Rain pelted down all around, soaking his hair, soaking through his clothes, puddling under his feet as he came to a stop at the back of Dana’s house. She was soaked through, […]

We’re talking EMOTION here!

Kindle   “What’s wrong, duchess?” She shivered as he whispered it, his lips pressed against her neck as he spoke. “Whatever is wrong with you, calling me that?” she said, swallowing around the knot that had lodged in her throat. Easing away from him, she eyed him nervously before glancing around. Nobody could see them […]


Finished up my first round of edits on WRECKED… here’s a snippet. His hands were shaking. Once more, she’d done this to him. Damn it, this was out of hand. He’d dropped one of the eggs on the counter. He’d almost cut his finger off with the damned butcher knife and his hands were shaking […]

Excerpt from THE DEPARTED

Kindle  due out in January… For so many years, cold had been a part of Dez’s life. The departed felt cold. The long empty nights she spent following leads were often cold. She went home to a cold, empty bed and she awoke to a cold, empty house. She was more used to cold than […]


Oh. Pretty. Yes. I shall be sharing desert & Grand Canyon pics for a while. Locked in Silence is up for preorder @ BN | @ Amazon.  FYI, although it’s not showing up there for preorder, if you preorder from Samhain, that’s where you’ll get the cheapest price. It’s like 35% the first week of sale, […]