Will there going to be another book in the Kit Colbana series?

  • Yes.  The next book is coming.  It’s just a matter of time.  I discuss the matter in detail here.

Why can’t I find I Thought It Was You?

  • I Thought It Was You was written to be a companion piece for books 2 & 3 of the Grimm series…meaning…it wasn’t mean to be read as a standalone, and it was the very first line of the story’s blurb.  But…well, to be honest, most people seemed to ignore that and read the short story and judged the book–and series–on the basis of a work that wasn’t meant to stand on its own.  In the end, it wasn’t doing any good so I decided to pull it.

Are you writing a series about Zach’s brothers?

  • Yes.  Razed and Busted are available and Ruined is available in digital format. Read about the Wrecked series here. As to Trey’s story, I did submit a partial to the publisher, but they elected not to buy it.  I may pursue self-publishing it but at this time, I haven’t made any hardcore decisions.

Is Talking with the Dead one of the FBI books? Are there more coming?

  • Talking with the Dead is a prequel of sorts.  It’s the book that gave me the idea about writing an FBI task force.  Right after that book was published, I had the idea for The Missing and I was finally able to figure out how to weave the two groups together.  As to whether there are more coming, I’m doing shorter novellas for Samhain right now.  I hope to write more full lengths for Berkley but only time will tell if that happens or not.

What happened to Puck?

  • Puck is fine.  I’ve been asked about writing an epilogue and while I won’t completely write it off, nothing has occurred to me and other than saying… ‘they all lived happily ever after, including Puck, the end’ … there doesn’t seem to be much more to say.

Are you seriously only doing one Kit book a year?

  • Um…yeah.  Sorry!  I have to work the selfpublished works in around my deadline projects and books slated for my epubs, plus, it takes time to do it right.  I want to try and get tighter editing done on these books, plus I still need to cover art done, the promo, etc.  None of that can be rushed.  I’m sorry!

Is/Why can’t the Kit books be audio?

  • Self-pubbed works don’t often get audio deals.  I’ve been asked about this…a lot, but it just doesn’t happen much.  Demand drives this sort of thing, so if you want to demand the books from audio pubs… lol… feel free, but I’m not expecting this to happen.  I’ve been asked why I can’t do it myself and I’ve looked at the possibilities, but from a financial standpoint, it’s not doable.  A decent voice actor/actress can run a few thousand, and that’s just one expense. If I can’t afford to do it right, I won’t do it at all.

Why don’t you have more books in audio?

  • Because audio publishers haven’t offered for more… it’s not up to me!

Is Stolen part of a series–does Elliot’s sister get a book?

  • No.  STOLEN is completely stand-alone and nope, Elliot’s sister isn’t getting a book.

Are you going to write more Hunters?

  • No.  Hunter’s Rise, with Toronto, came out in 2012 and it was announced in March 2012, it would be the final Hunter book.  Sales have been decreasing and the publisher decided not to continue with the series.  You can read more about this here.

How do you pronounce Chaili’s name (Beautiful Scars)?

  • It’s Shay-lee.

What’s the deal with the (new) pen name?!?

  • Necessity, basically.  My publication schedule has gotten rather complicated and it’s a miracle this didn’t happen before now.  But I’m juggling several different publishers now and even more genres.  I’m writing for Samhain, Berkley, St. Martins, and I do solo projects on my own.  Basically, I write like a hyped-up bunny on speed.  I’m working on a big, and I mean BIG project and that project will be easier to do if I don’t have much coming out all at once.  So…the name change.  My romantic suspense stuff and contemporary works will still come out as Shiloh Walker.  But in the future, the urban fantasy books will be under the new pen name J.C. Daniels.

Will there be another book after The Missing?

  • There are four full length books and several novellas.  Please check out the page for The FBI Psychics.  I’m not sure if there will be more at this point.

Will there be another Veil book?

  • No.   Until late fall 2011, I’d originally planned planned a third book, Morne’s. But unfortunately I had to make a business decision and it looks like the Veil series has to be put on hold. You can read more about it here.  A few months later, the Hunters series was cancelled and I learned they didn’t plan to buy any more paranormals like Veil or the Hunters.  So both series are over.

Is your story, The Blood Kiss (from Hot Spell) related to any of your other books?

  • No.  It’s completely stand-alone.  I know a lot of people think it’s set in the Hunters world, but it isn’t.  At this time, there are no plans to expand on that world.

Who is this chick Nicole that I see on your blog or facebook page that answers questions for you sometimes?

  • That’s Nicole–my sanity saver.  Some of you who have read my blog or hang out at the Facebook page a lot might have noticed that sometimes I get asked the same questions a lot-and sometimes I get asked questions that I’d already answered within the blog post.  I know when people are in a rush, it’s easy to overlook things.  But addressing questions that I’ve already answered takes away time from writing and I’m going to have some pretty monstrous deadlines coming at me soon. Nicole is going to be helping with this sort of thing, both at my blog and on facebook, freeing up some time for me, and also saving my sanity so I’m not stressing over it, as well as dealing with emails when I’m backlogged.  This is something that I knew I’d eventually have to do-my brain is about to explode, and I might as well do this now so I don’t have to clean gray matter from the office walls.

I’m a reviewer and would like to review your books.  Can I contact you?

  • Aside from occasional call for reviewers when I have ARCs on my blog or the occasional blogger/review site that I will contact directly, I no longer handle sending out books for reviews.  Review requests must go through my publishers or via Netgalley.  If you’re interested in reviewing my self-published works, please contact Nicole.(grimmhunter.shilohwalker at gmail.com). Please note, due to the number of emails I receive and the fact that my publishers handle reviews, I’m unable to respond to review requests personally.  Alternatively, you can consider joining my street team. They are often the first to get a shot at reviews. Info here.  Thanks for understanding.

I would like to submit my book to you for a review. How may I do that?

  • Umm… you can’t.  I’m not a reviewer.  And I’m getting a lot of these requests lately, too.

Do you ever do cover quotes/provide critiques?

  • Please direct all requests through my agent, Elaine Spencer of the Knight Agency. Requests outside this avenue will be deleted unread.

Do you do bookplates/autographed bookmarks?

  • I’m afraid not.  Since 2004, I’ve dealt with issues with carpal tunnel and other associated repetitive stress issues.   Although I’ve had surgeries to correct it, I still have trouble and it’s best if I limit my handwriting to what’s absolutely necessary on a day to day basis and the occasional booksigning.  I hope you understand. While I don’t sign bookmarks, I do on occasion keep some handy.   It’s not often, though.  If you’re interested, you can email me.  When and if I have them available, I’m happy to send readers one or two, providing readers send a SASE envelope.

Will there be more Grimm stories…is Luc getting a story? Is Will getting one?

  • As of late May 2013, I’ve decided to end the Grimm series.  The final story, Grimm’s End, is due out in October 2015

Did you really end the Mythe series because of piracy?

  • The short answer-yes. The long answer is more complicated.  Fantasy isn’t always as easy for me to write, and it’s also one of the genres that doesn’t sell as well.  I spend twice as much time creating a story, it sells less than half as well, and it was also, ironically, one of the books I saw pirated very, very frequently. I want my readers to understand that while writing and creative works can be considered by some an art, to me, they are a business. They are how I make my living.  I take a great deal of pride in it, and I love doing it-hearing from readers who love my work means a lot to me. But on the flipside-seeing my work pirated day after day, week after week, got to be very demoralizing and after spending several months struggling over the third book-and it was a struggle-Cray was fighting me every step of the way. Dealing with the knowledge that even after all the time I’d spent on this book, in the end, I wouldn’t have much to show for it.  And while it didn’t sell well, there was a period when I saw it pirated like mad. This is one of the series I saw pirated more than it sold.  While I know some readers really did love the series, while I personally loved it, I had to admit to myself I was spending time on a series that just wasn’t selling well. Writers cannot afford to do that.  I hated ending that series.  I kid you not, it hurt. But writing is my job.  I have to treat it that way. If a particular series isn’t proving to be worth the time I’ve invested in it, then I have to move on. You can read a bit more about this decision here. I do ask for your understanding.  This wasn’t an easy choice for me to make.

What is the reading order of the Hunters books?

So many of your books are ebooks.  I don’t read ebooks.  What should I do?

  • Many of my titles will eventually be released in print.  But there’s no guarantee all of them will.  If you really want to read it, you might want to consider reading the ebook. Amazon & Barnes and Noble both offer desktop reading apps and a PDF file, which can be bought from the publisher, is a very easy format that can be read on your computer-all you need is Adobe Reader. Most ebook publishers have areas for those new to ebooks and customer service will likely answer any questions you have. Ebook/digital first publishers operate (this basically means…they are able to operate successfully) by releasing books in ebook first, with the print release to follow at a later date. It’s a business model that works for them, and it works for me-things I have to keep in mind if I want to keep writing for a living. 🙂  A rule of thumb for my main digital publisher, Samhain, is that they release print books 6-12 months after the ebook release, if the title is long enough to put in print on its own.

Did you kill Declan in I’ll Be Hunting You?

  • I don’t like to give away spoilers.  But I will tell you that the book is a romance.  It has a happy ever after.  Can you see Tori living happily ever after without Declan?

Will Leandra and Malachi be together?

  • No.  Leandra and Malachi are too much alike and they understand each too well.  It would almost be like brother and sister.  Besides, Malachi claimed his mate already.  The minute he saw her…which happened in Jonathan and Lori’s story.

When will you be in my area for a booksigning?

  • I don’t know.  I’m still fairly limited on the areas I can/will travel, due to several things, namely my family and my budget. Re: my budget-travel is expensive and any booksigning expenses I have are on my own dime..and that can add up to a lot of dimes.  The other concern is my family, and this is actually my main concern.  I have three kids. One leaves for college sooner than I want to think. They other two are growing faster than I can believe. I want to be with them and enjoy that as much as I can, not spend half of my weekends gone.  When money/time/school permits, we do sometimes make plans where I’ll book a family vacation and work a signing in as well, but that’s not always possible.

Question not addressed?

Drop me a line.