PLEASE NOTE: this is not a list for new releases.  I’ve got a newsletter if you want that info… you can sign up here.

What’s a street team?  A group of readers who help spread the word about new releases.

In exchange for doing this, members of the street team get perks, sometimes early sneak peeks of books, sometimes early reads, etc.  Please note, this isn’t a chat list or news list and those who join will be asked to help spread the word about upcoming releases, etc.  You get the perks by doing the work.

Due to increased postal costs and other costs, I do ask that only those interested and willing to help join the group.

Again, the perks will only be offered to those who are able to meet the obligations.

Examples of what may be asked include passing out bookmarks, blogging about upcoming releases, etc.

If that is you, please visit

All events and work are coordinated through the list so in order to participate, you must join the group.

You will be asked to give a reason why you want to join.  If you’re a blogger, a bookseller, a librarian, etc, and would like to use these outlets to help spread the word, please list these. If these don’t apply, then let me know what else you’d be interested in doing to spread the word about my books.

Again, this isn’t a new release list…if you’re looking for new release info, you can always join my newsletter, find me on facebook, etc