Coming next week…there be dragons

Look at me. Let me see you one last time.

A Dragon’s Desire, Releasing 7.2022
Couple - fire elements surrounding them

Hot hands closed around her wrists. Strong hands. A man’s hands.

The dragon’s hands, she reminded herself. Even if he was wearing that admittedly gorgeous male body, he was still a fricking dragon.

He tugged and she was so caught up in her emotional storm, she didn’t even try to resist. A moment later, she found herself gazing into eyes a rich, vibrant shade of gold—an impossible shade of gold—a familiar shade of gold.

“Your eyes,” he said, his deep voice a raw, rasping growl.

She blinked, uncertain about what he meant, or what her eyes had to do with anything, especially when compared to his eyes—those rich, glowing golden eyes that burned with an inner fire.

Why was that golden gaze so familiar?

He shoved his hands into her hair, his intensity now a raw, demanding thing that wouldn’t be denied.

“What is it about you?” he demanded in a rough murmur, staring at her as he bent closer, his eyes staring at her raptly, fascinated, as if he’d found something special that he’d lost. “And your eyes…”

No, not just special. Something vital.

But why he seemed so enraptured by her eyes, she didn’t know. And she couldn’t even ask him, either, because a heartbeat later, his mouth was on hers, one hand still tangled in the wet skeins of her hair, while he slid his other arm around her and held on tight, his overheated—naked—body a brand against hers.

Gia gasped against his lips, her mouth opening, first in shock, then in dazed, desperate hunger as he licked at her lips, then stroked into her mouth, the taste of him smoky and wild, every wicked temptation she’d ever dreamed of.

Reaching up, she caught hold of his biceps, her mind spinning and her heart racing.

Deep inside, in the very core of her, she heard a whisper—Look at me. Let me see you one last time.