Being the strong one

I think most families have a ‘strong’ one.

That port in the storm. The one who gets called when there’s a crisis or a medical emergency.

Hey, BONUS POINTS if the strong one is a person with medical background or an understanding of mental health problems.

We get to weather all the storms, right?

But what happens when we are tired? When we are on the edge of a crisis? Does anyone even notice?

I don’t think they do.

What if the strong one is just too worn out & broken?

You know what happens?


We aren’t allowed to break or feel weak.

Even if we hate being the strong one & we tell people that, they don’t get it.

Strong is good, right?

But we’re still human.

We screw up.

We hurt.

We feel.

But we don’t have many resources because our ‘support’ system thinks we’re just ‘strong’.

When we fuck up, we’re failures.

When we just need a break, we don’t get it.

You know what? Being the strong one sucks.