Dragons don’t fall in love – New Release!

At least that’s what Sorin was told. But he learned the hard way that wasn’t the case.

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A Dragon’s Desire

The Pretern Wars, a Prequel

SORIN: He is Zmeu, one of the great dragons of myth.

As a young dragon, he was told an important truth: Dragons do not fall in love. They definitely do not fall in love with mortal women.

It’s a lesson Sorin takes to heart. He might have had a mortal mother, but mortals had also killed her, leaving him alone.

A dragon grown, he dwells in an impenetrable castle, living a dragon’s best life. He dances with fae swan maidens, steals baubles from unknowing kings, scoffs at mortals stumbling through life wasting time on war, hate…love.

Then love finds him.

In the village of his birth, a woman teaches him a truth his dragon family hadn’t—it’s rather easy for a dragon to find love.

Ever seeking solace, ever seeking home

Easy to love, yes. But understanding the woman who steals his heart? Not so easy. He doesn’t realize it at the time, his arrogance leading him to assume he knew best. After all, he was a dragon. Sorin’s arrogance led to her death…and a curse.

Hundreds of years later, living in the New World as the world prepares for war, he is almost numb to the curse that haunts him still.

You will wander, you will roam, they’d said. He did. But seeking solace, seeking home? Home and solace were lost to him, every bit as much as his love.

As penance, he guards the mortals in his territory, as she had protected those under her care. He’ll hold off the coming war as long as possible. When the time comes to take up a sword—or breathe fire—he will. It’s little comfort, but his lost love would expect him to protect. So he does.

One night, a sudden awareness yanks him from deepest sleep. Chasing the faint magical trail, he finds a woman battling for her life. Just before a killing strike, he sees her eyes…eyes of haunting green.

The eyes of the woman he’d loved, the eyes of the woman he’d killed.

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“This isn’t how it should happen, witchling. I’ve plans to woo you, court you, because this isn’t going to be a one-time thing. You and I, we belong together. Think it madness if you must, but it’s the truth.”

“Oh, dragon.” In a move that displayed a sly strength and grace, she freed herself. Then she pushed onto her toes and curled her arms around his neck, smiling into his eyes. “The first time I saw you on that mountaintop, it hit me. Here.”

She reached down and took his hand, guiding it to her chest and pressing it to her sternum until he could feel the hard, driving rhythm of her heart.

“I know your eyes,” she whispered. “I don’t understand it. I can’t explain it.”

He sucked in a breath, struck to the core of his being. “Witchling…”

She inclined her head, studying him.

Whatever she saw, it made her smile, although it was bittersweet and sad.

“Whatever it is you think I don’t understand…you’re wrong. I may not know all of it, but we’re connected. I feel it.” She pushed a hand through his hair, cradled his scalp. “But we’ve time for it later, yes?”

He freed his hand from hers, reached up to palm her cheek. “You may hate me when you learn the truth, witchling. This is…not our first encounter, Gia.”

Her eyes clouded over and a sigh shuddered out of her. “I already knew that. But those secrets are still hidden from me and that tells me I’m not ready to know them. But one thing I do know—I thought I knew what it was to live, to know pleasure, even passion. Then you kissed me, brash, arrogant bastard you are and after that, everything I’d known before was nothing. My life started the moment I saw you. Now…stop denying me. Stop denying us both.”

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