Kit is finally talking!

So, Kit Colbana #7 is FINALLY moving along.

FYI, if you want to be the first to read her next, and final, book, make sure you become a Patron over at my Patreon! There’s a longer excerpt over there for Patrons only and Patrons get a free copy of the book as soon as it’s finished. Plus, depending on the teir you choose, you can have your name added to the dedications or other perks!

I don’t yet have release information on the book. Kit’s story is harder than write, partly because her stories are darker, so I have to go into a darker headspace. Some of you who’ve been following me for a while are aware I’ve had a lot of hard life shit thrown my way over the past few years, starting with the loss with my brother in 2017 to suicide, then losing several other family members, close friends and finally my father in law last COVID. It’s affected my depression on a drastic level, which means I have to avoid trying to work on Kit’s story and other darker stories for my own mental health.

Life is finally smoothing out–some–and Kit is talking again, so her story is coming more steadily. More details to be posted as I have them, and I hope to have this book out this year!


“Decided to have a tantrum, huh?” He gave me an arrogant smile. “Going to pick up something else to throw? Great way to handle this, Kit.”

You are the reason that mess happened today—the reason a child got terrified—the reason I got burned almost to the fucking bone, Damon!” It hurt to just force those words out through my tight throat. I was so furious I could barely breathe. And under the fury, there was hurt. For a second, I felt the prick of tears and the thought that I might actually cry left me paralyzed.

Damon saw something in my expression and he sucked in a breath, swore quietly.

But when he started toward me again, I backed up.

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “No.”

This time, he listened.

“Blue was there, following his fucking Alpha’s orders. He makes a great little soldier, Damon, but he’s not too great at thinking on his own.” I was cold now, so cold I had chills and I had to fight the urge to cross my arms over myself and huddle in for warmth. “Whatever reasons you have for putting your toy soldiers on my ass, you were the reason I ended up with second-degree burns all the way from my right hip down to my right knee. If I had been just a little more human, I’d have died from shock alone—even Colleen being right there wouldn’t have been able to save me.”

Damon’s jaw went tight.

“Tell me why I’m being followed!”

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