Delay the Dragons

I’m going to have to delay the release of A Dragon’s Desire. Not by much-it will still be out this summer, but I don’t want to rush it.

In the meantime, here’s a tiny snippet.


Swaying forward, she pressed her lips to his.

The heat of him was shocking, a brand to her senses.

She gasped, falling back, one hand braced against the earthen floor beneath her, her eyes widening as the light contact reverberated through her. It was like…

She couldn’t explain it—coming home.

Tears rushed to her eyes, an overwhelming ache deep inside her suddenly making itself known. That ache consumed her—but it wasn’t pain, precisely, because the ache was only there to tell her that she wasn’t alone. That she was no longer broken, but whole.

You…it’s you. I’ve found you.

Soren reached up to cup her face, his brows coming together. “Witchling…” He stroked a thumb over her lower lip, the other feathering over her brow. “You’re sad.”

“No,” she whispered, the words forced out through a throat thick with emotion. She couldn’t explain how she felt—she wasn’t sad, was she?