A Doyle short story? Yes, please.

image shows a blond man with blue eyes staring at camera. Left cheek shows tiger stripes ghosting in on his cheek. Text reads: Doyle, A Kit Colbana World Short Story

So, if you’re familiar with Patreon. I use the platform there to help fund my Kit Colbana series. Patrons get early access to the stories and those who choose higher tiers get extra perks.

Some stories, like the next full length Kit book, coming hopefully by late summer, go up for sale shortly after released to my Patreon readers. Others are Patreon-exclusive for a while longer.

I had an idea for a short story for Doyle that ties into events that currently going on in the book I’m writing for Kit and patrons who are current with the platform by the end of the week will have access to the story when I finish, which should be in the next couple of weeks. Support tiers start at just $1, so if you’d like to read it when I finish, head over and join my Patreon now!


“How inevitable, Doyle?”

Cracking my neck, I looked away.

She shoved me lightly. “Answer me!”

I caught her hands, held them trapped against my chest. The fear in her voice broke my heart. I pushed the knowledge aside, because thinking about it meant thinking about what she’d come to mean to me and that was dangerous—for both of us, and unfair to her if everything ended happening the way it probably would later on down the road.

How inevitable?” she said again and this time, she was the one with the growl in her voice.

“From what I’ve been told, within the next decade, there will only be two cats in the Clan with more dominance than me,” I told her.

Her eyes widened and for a second, she swayed. “Hey…” Grabbing her hips, I steadied her. “Breathe. Now.”