Why I’m Not Leaving RWA

For reference, the statement is here. Until they hide or bury it, then here’s a google doc copy.

Also, if you’re not familiar with RWA, let me point out some hypocritical bullshit in this statement…particularly this bit:

Our Code of Ethics and procedures cannot be selectively or inconsistently applied on a situational basis.

It’s so funny, cuz this all started when Courtney Milan tweeted

This book is a fucking racist mess.

Her tweets are here.

Now, this is the killer. From RWA’S Code if Ethics, which per their statement:

cannot be selectively or inconsistently applied

SOCIAL MEDIA & DISCUSSION OF BOOKS ARE EXCLUDED! The Code of Ethics is here, but the salient bit is quoted below.

Specifically excluded from this section are exchanges of business information, true statements, personal disagreements, honest discussions of books, non-RWA operated social media posts, and marketing materials.

So basically, the board & president currently ensconced don’t inconsistently or with bias apply the COE, except when they do.

Now…onto my post.

I’m not leaving RWA.

I know after today’s crap statement, a lot of us are even more pissed.
No, I’m not assuming-I’ve read statements here and twitter.
It’s obvious that mewling, whining why do you have to make us look bad pathetic excuse of a response to our concerns is nothing but an attempt from those running things to make us sit down, shut up and behave.
It’s bullshit. Moreover, it’s directly contradictory to their last statement in which they claimed to want to rebuild trust.
No, they want us to be quiet and stop causing trouble.
RWA’s staff and/or board violated the policy they claim they are adhering to without bias when they circumvented the rightfully selected ethics committee. They had no right to choose on in secret, nor change the P&P while all of this shit was going down to make it seem as if they had the right.
RWA’s staff seems to have been gatekeeping which ethics complaints make it to the ethics committee and that’s bullshit. They aren’t the ones selected to vet the complaints.
It’s seems blatantly clear that what RWA wants is to force the pissed-off people to be silent-or to leave so they can remake RWA into the image they see fit. With the money we’ve have paid into via dues, conference fees, etc.

As long as our marginalized members are willing to stay and fight, I feel I can do no less.