The Scammer Shit #Amazon Ignores

These are the times that try my soul.

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I mean, it’s not like Amazon hasn’t been made aware. Readers complained about long before I said anything.

Readers have complained via reviews, although they thought the problem was plagiarism, not just lazy assholes looking to make easy money by conning readers, cheating the system, using dishonest business practices by packaging a book as new even though it’s been pubbed 1x, 2x, 3x already, using reader farms where the people involved will review the same book each time it’s released under a different name & cover, they don’t ever reveal that either.

Amazon always talks about how customer-centric they are, which is bullshit, because they’ve ignored customer complaints about this. They’ve also gone on record and openly stated they do have ways of tracking duplicate content…so, yeah, they could totally stop this bullshit. They just choose not to. When did they admit this…?? Well, if you’ve been following along with the #CopyPasteCris saga, you know that Nora Roberts filed suit against Cris Serruya in Brazil last week. In the US World News and Report article, Amazon gave a statement.

Amazon said that it takes “violations of laws and proprietary rights very seriously.”

We use a combination of teams of investigators and automated technology to prevent and catch the vast majority of bad actors who attempt to violate our policies before they publish,” the statement reads. “In the rare instance where one gets through, we investigate and remove violating books. Additionally, all Kindle product pages contain a link for anyone to flag suspicious titles and the team investigates all titles that are flagged.” -US News and Report

Bold type is mine. And to these comments, I must say… oh, rly?

Do they not consider people who deceive readers by distributing rehashed book content and selling as new to be the product of bad actors?

I guess not. It’s all about the almighty dollar for Amazon. BTW, there was an update yesterday about the plagiarism case… La Nora won the first round against Cris Serruya.

So, about the regurgitated titles. Amazon has admitted they have ways of tracking duplicate content. I’m almost positive I’ve had to clarify rights on backlist books even after they’ve out of print/unavailable as ebooks, so Amazon shouldn’t have issues addressing these rehashed, recycled works.

After a certain sort of shit was raised, Amazon removed a few titles that were posted to my blog, but not all of them. It’s like they’re acting all unaware of how pervasive the problem is, even though I’ve written several times over, CCing each letter to legal as well as Jeff Bezos. Nah, it’s not like I expect Bezos to really pay much attention, but you’d think legal would, as these asses are using Amazon’s platform to cheat & lie to readers, and they are dancing fast and loose with the FTC’s laws about truth in advertising laws.

There are still a ton of books up for sale on Amazon. I can list scads in the badboy/mc romance trope categories alone. Rumor has it there are problems in historical as well, but I can’t check and look at everything, so that’s up to others to look at and report on and raise hell about.

First, let me point out again that I didn’t stumble onto all of this going on on my own. I saw images of the recycled content by twitter users who no longer want to be involved and I started digging from there.

And…WOW. Did I strike a payload of horseshit. It was so much horseshit, I was drowning in it and enlisted Claire Ryan, the lovely lady who put together an algorithm that detects duplicate content, handy for plagiarism… and regurgitated ebooks. I also asked for help from a couple of dedicated readers, a rather brilliant vet and somebody who specializes in security & investigations. Once they got involved, a lot of shit started turning up, and some of it, I can’t go into, because it ties into something some other parties are looking at.

But this book regurgitation crap? Yep. I’m talking about it. So… these… ‘companies’… These are the umbrellas I’ve referenced before when I mentioned that there are pen names being used to sell uploaded content that has been sold & resold. We’ve been calling them author groups and there are three connected at this point.

ETA: The tables below went a little wonky, so I think I’ll just post a link to the modified google sheets doc I’ll be sharing with RWA. Here you go. Read to your hearts content. If you want to post it, please email me first.

Nick Sopris, Sopris Press, Linked In Page, Screenshot

I stumbled across the first one when i found a book on overdrive via an image search.

May I present Sopris Page Press.

How did I find this? As I said…Overdrive.

They’ve got an entire catalog over there.

Check it out.

Screenshot - Overdrive - Sopris Press

I very excitedly told Claire about this,and she quickly connected the dots on more. Like eBook Publishing World.

eBook Publishing World Publisher  · OverDrive  Rakuten OverDrive   eBooks  audiobooks and videos for libraries

Of course… the people behind eBook Publishing World seem to be slowly transitioning their books into a new ‘publishing’ company.

There are really just a couple of guys–yes, guys, behind it, which makes sense, because a lot of the book blurbs come off as misogynistic or nothing but pure sexualization of women as little more than playthings–things like, his cock is tearing my world apart and lots of I’m going to bend her over or I’ll give her something to swallow. Sure, I get that works for some women, but it’s an ongoing theme with a lot of these and it’s unsurprising at all to find that the people running this circus are a couple of guys who don’t know jack shit about the premise of respecting the readership or romance in general.

Of course, some are just written with the intent to come over as very dark, and readers will read them and end up like… *What the hell…that’s not the story the blurb promised…*

Anyway, the new group is run by the same guys associated with Sopris Page Press per corporate filings, Max Budovskiy – director/co-founder & Brett Hanson – director/co-founder. Let me present MBK Hanson, Inc.

MBK Hanson Inc Publisher · OverDrive Rakuten OverDrive eBooks audiobooks and videos for libraries

They’ve got a lot of ‘author’ names to spread amongst themselves, and some we haven’t connected to regurgitated books.

Those that have been connected?

Confirmed Group 1 – Sopris Page PressFB Page
April Lust
Heather West
Nina Park
Zoey Parker
Sophia Gray
Lexi Cross
Ashley Hall
Leah Wilde
Ellen Harper
Callie Pierce
Confirmed Group 2 – Ebook Publishing World –
Paula Cox
Evelyn Glass
Jenny Jax
Kathryn ThomasPublishing in 2015
Claire St. Rose
Vivian GrayPublishing in 2015
Clara WoodPublishing in 2015
Sophia HamptonPublishing in 2015
Confirmed Group 3 – MBK Hanson Inc
Naomi West
Nicole Fox

And the book list… these are books we’ve verified are recycled. Older books list the GR profile. Newer ones are on Amazon.

This shit is ridiculous. If these stooges want to use this model to package and repackage, the least they can do is make it clear these are republished books. And Amazon should require that.

Pub Author Name Book Title Link
January 2016 Alyssa Alpha Wanted Dead or Alive—dead-or-alive?from_search=true
March 2016 Marci Fawn Outlaw’s Baby
February 2019 N. Alleman/J. Chase The Biker’s Baby
April 2016 Marci Fawn Boxer Beast
June 2018 N. Alleman/J. Chase The Beast’s Baby
December 2016 Jenny Jax Broken
February 2019 Paula Cox Unprotected
February 2018 Heather West Kingpin’s Baby
October 2018 Zoey Parker Filthy
May 2016 Ellen Harper Rafe
March 2017 Heather West Monster
Feb 2019 April Lust Savage Vow
April 2016 Ada Stone Wed to the Devil
March 2018 Heather West Unleashed
November 2018 April Lust Hellfire
February 2016 Zoey Parker A Secret Vow
October 2018 April Lust Mortar
October 2016 Ada Stone Raw
May 2017 Sophia Gray Mine
June 2018 Zoey Parker The Devil’s Blaze
February 2019 Heather West Lawless
July 2016 Evelyn Glass King
February 2018 Claire St. Rose Hands Off My Child
February 2018 Claire St. Rose Hands Off My Wife
February 2018 Claire St. Rose Hands Off My Chopper
Feb 2019 Evelyn Glass Thrust
May 2017 Paula Cox Breaker
June 2017 Zoey Parker Unchained
September 2018 April Lust Carter
July 2016 Zoey Parker Overdosed
April 2018 Heather West Teacher’s Pet
March 2016 Zoey Parker Monster
April 2018 Heather West Trapped
July 2017 Zoey Parker His Plaything
December 2017 Sophia Gray The Baby Pact
May 2018 April Lust Reckless Ink
February 2017 Heather West Inked
December 2017 Sophia Gray His Branded Bride
September 2018 Nina Park Rebel
October 2016 Heather West Leather and Liquor
September 2018 April Lust Rough as Sin
February 2018 Sophia Gray The Baby Bump
April 2018 Naomi West He Doesn’t Care
February 2019 Nicole Fox Owen
Feb 2017 Callie Pierce Bad Influence
Jun 2017 Heather West Bound to Him
April 2018 Sophia Gray Outlaw’s Sins
January 2019 Zoey Parker Ruthless
April 2019 Heather West Bought
June 2018 April Lust Ruthless Ink
May 2017 Zoey Parker Unprotected
2014? Glenn Hefley Lords of Fire
2014 Carmen Faye Devil Knights Trilogy
November 2018 Paula Cox Illicit
June 2017 Zoey Parker Untamed
December 2018 April Lust Dirty Package
February 2018 Zoey Parker Don’t Touch My Baby
October 2018 April Lust Brawn
July 2018 Vivian Gray Born Sinner
April 2019 Evelyn Glass Blade
April 2018 Vivian Gray Devil
March 2019 Evelyn Glass Sold
December 2016 Evelyn Glass & K. Thomas Hands Off
March 2018 Paula Cox Dirty Don
March 2019 Kathryn Thomas Jasper
Harper Riley Baby Mine
April 2018 Paula Cox Overpossessive
October 2018 Evelyn Glass Rough
August 2017 Claire St. Rose Devil’s Property
January 2018 Paula Cox Our Surprise Baby
January 2018 Paula Cox Our Surprise Wedding
January 2018 Paula Cox Our Surprise Family
October 2017 Paula Cox Griffin
March 2019 Kathryn Thomas Bad Boy/Lost Disciples
May 2016 Carmen Faye Dare wthheld, proof is on a pirate site.
September 2017 Paula Cox Dax
June 2017 Paula Cox Outlaw Daddy
January 2018 Evelyn Glass Dirty Daddy’s Sins
January 2018 Evelyn Glass Dirty Daddy
January 2018 Evelyn Glass Dirty Daddy’s Oath
January 2016 Evelyn Glass Play Dirty
May 2017 Paula Cox Biker Daddy
November 2017 Claire St. Rose Biker’s Child
November 2017 Claire St. Rose Bad Boy’s Child
November 2017 Claire St. Rose Outlaws Child
2019?? Liana Ward Dirty
July 2017 Heather West Pleasing Him
May 2018 Zoey Parker The Devil’s Vow
February 2019 Sophia Gray Accidental Wife
September 2015 Evelyn Glass Force
January 2019 Kathryn Thomas Corrupted
October 2017 April Lust Beast
November 2018 Zoey Parker Devil
June 2017 April Lust Wrecked
July 2018 Zoey Parker Rock Hard/Inked Alphas
June 2018 Zoey Parker The Devil’s Chopper
March 2019 Heather West Cold
Nov 2017 Kathryn Thomas Bo’s Baby
July 18 Claire St Rose Wild and Free
March 2019 Evelyn Glass Vicious
October 2017 Naomi West Crave
June 2018 Nicole Fox Ciro’s Promise
November 2018 Naomi West Dark Killer
February 2019 Nicole Fox Enzo
October 2017 Naomi West Knocked Up By The Biker
Feburary 2019 Nichole Fox Made to Survive
April 2017 Heather West Consumed
January 2018 April Lust The Devil’s Bride
April 2018 Vivian Gray Devil
November 2018 Paula Cox Overdose
March 2019 Evelyn Glass Sold
October 2017 Nicole Fox Mobster’s Baby
March 2019 Naomi West Nico
November 2017 Naomi West Pistol’s Baby
Jubne 2018 Nicole Fox Sold as 3 part series
The Brethren
November 2018 Heather West Stripped
March 2019 Zoey Parker Anton
April 2018 Nicole Fox Ride ‘Til Dawn
October 2018 Naomi West Rampage
March 2016 Kathryn Thomas Storm
January 2019 Paula Cox Tear Her Apart
November 2017 Claire St Rose Biker Daddy
January 2019 Paula Cox Hellraiser
July 2015 Kathryn Thomas Gone
March 2019 Evelyn Glass Ripped
June 2017 Sophia Gray Filled
March 2018 April Lust Forbidden
March 2018 April Lust Outlawed
March 1 April Lust Banned
September 2018 Nina Park Sinful
January 2019 April Lust Dirty Business
January 2016 Carmen Faye Brute
September 2017 Kathryn Thomas My Protector
March 2019 Paula Cox Overprotective
March 2019 Paula Cox Overprotective Biker
March 2019 Paula Cox Overprotective Outlaw
July 2018 Nicole Fox Breaker
April 2019 Vivian Gray Drake

Amazon has been made aware. Extensively. But frankly, they don’t seem to care that these yahoos who have no respect for the romance industry, for the craft of writing or creativity, or the readership are misleading readers or abusing the KDP system which is harming other authors.

It’s bullshit.

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