Billie Jowls, whoever that is, doesn’t like me

She’ll languish in moderation…I heard that phase from somebody, but can’t remember who.

Anyway, I wanted Billie to know, I see her loud & clear, but…well, my blog is mine and you don’t get to use it to spew your bile. Feel free to go to to set up your own and spew it there.

Billie Jowls thinks I'm a cunt

However, since  you clearly want attention, I’m giving it to you.

World, Billie Jowls thinks I’m a cunt.

Oh, btw, the comment in moderation about my cover? Relax…I use a distributor and a professional cover artist. If there’s a problem, the Amazon rep that works with my distributor will let the said distributor know and I’ll ask my artist for a quick photoshop touch-up. That’s…like…*so* easy to fix, You talk like you’re an ‘authentic author’. Don’t you know these things?