Wanna meet Adam?

He’s the hot mess you met in Deeper than Need… if you haven’t read it, well, you need to.  Cuz, well…Adam.

Sweeter Than Sin sq



“What do you want?” she asked softly.

He just stared at her.

And when she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, he held still. Almost like he was frozen. But she felt the hunger, like it was a beast, snarling from within.  It practically vibrated inside him and she pressed closer, desperate to unleash that hunger and just feel.

To let go for a little while and have somebody else—no.  Not somebody else.

To have Adam with her while they both enjoyed the ride.

She stroked her tongue across his lips and he just stood there.

She caught his lower lip between her teeth, tugged and he just stood there.

She kissed her way across his cheek, his jawbone and down his neck. He just stood there.  His pulse raced under her touch, but he didn’t do anything.  Didn’t even show any sign that he wanted her.

Other than the fact that she could feel it.

Doubt started to whisper inside her and she went to pull back.

That was when he moved.

Her breath lodged in her throat as he spun them around.  Her head was still whirling and then her heart stuttered to a stop as hard, calloused hands closed around her waist and boosted her up, settling her butt on the edge of the bureau that took up nearly half the wall.  She opened her mouth to say something. Anything. She didn’t even know what she might have said though, because Adam’s mouth caught hers in the next moment and anything she might have said just…died.

His kiss consumed her.

It was as though he breathed her in and just…consumed her.

His hands cupped her head, held her steady and that touch might have been the only thing grounding her, too, because she felt like she was about to fly into pieces just from the kiss.

His tongue rubbed across hers, a sensuous, teasing rhythm that sent a low, demanding pang through her.  Groaning, she arched against him and he responded by sliding an arm around her waist and pulling her up against him, firm and tight so that nothing but their clothes separated them.

Too many clothes…through those layers, she could feel the heat of him and the strength of him and that hunger that vibrated inside him, barely held in check.

With teeth and tongue, he all but devastated her, with just that kiss. And then he shifted his attention, working his way down to her neck and she fell back, slamming her hands down on the bureau.  Dazed, dizzy, she stared up at the ceiling as his teeth raked over the sensitive curve of her neck.  “Adam…”

His hand curled over the hem of her shirt.  “You asked me what I wanted.”

“Yes.”  She sucked in a desperate breath of air and watched as lifted his head, staring at her through his lashes.

His hand skimmed up along her torso.  She felt her heart bump against him as he passed over her chest and then he stopped, his palm curved over her neck.  “And what if I want this?  Do I get this?”

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You meet him first in Deeper than Need…then get all of him Sweeter than Sin.

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