This, that, the other…

The 10th annual Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together is over.  It was fun, as always.  Gail, with BN, handles the bookfair and she’d ordered in about 30 copies of WRECKED, THE PROTECTED and DEEPER THAN NEED.  By the time the bookstore closed, it was down to five copies of DEEPER THAN NEED and six copies of THE PROTECTED.  All in all that felt pretty awesome.  The booksigning was supposed to start at 3, but there was some confusion and some thought it was 2 and while I was setting up, people started coming up so I was signing for almost three hours and the line was steady right up until about 4:30.

That evening, some people from my street team and readers from the Scamps loop went out to Dingles for appetizers.

While we were gone, one of the readers with me gets a text..

 if Shiloh is with you, tell her I won. It’s hers.

I started giggling like mad.

Let me explain…

There’s a raffle. And there’s a book trailer that gets donated by Circle of Seven/Readers Entertainment.

Like this one…

I kinda like winning them. It’s fun.

I usually stuff about forty dollars worth of tickets into the bag and I’ve won 2-3 times. Last year I didn’t win.
This year?

Well…here’s my email to Sheila, the owner of COS.

So. Funny story.

I did buy some tickets to put in the raffle, but I put most of mine in a sybaris getaway thing that I wanted-like badly.

A reader of mine accidentally put a ticket in the raffle for the trailer.

She told me, “If I win it, it’s yours.”

I laughed and said, “That’s nice.” But thought… “one ticket won’t win it.”

I was out to dinner/drinks with some readers later and one of the readers with me told me, “Um…I just got a text…it’s Stephanie. She said, if Shiloh is with you, tell her I won. It’s hers.”

I stared at her. “No way.”

“Yeah. Really.”

And I started to laugh. I looked at my phone and sure enough, on twitter, Stephanie has just tweeted me… “@shilohwalker I’ve got something for you… Won the book trailer. LOL”

So I got back and went to find her. She tells me, “Yeah, Lady B. called me and I just covered my face and when I went up there she was like… cuz you look so excited…”

And Stephanie tells her what was going on. Lady B gaped. “You’re giving it to who?”

And cackles ensure.

It was becoming a running joke.  People would wag their fingers at me… you can’t win again.  How many tickets did you buy?  Cuz I’m going to buy more…

This year I didn’t win.  But a reader did, with one ticket…and the lovely lady gave it to me.  Hugs and smooches all over her.


Then while I was heading out, I get this email…



THE REUNITED is a finalist for the Booksellers Best Award in the paranormal category. 🙂


We leave on vacation Wednesday, gone for a few days.  My email is backed up and I’m probably not going to get everything caught up before I leave.  FYI, if you’ve won something from me, I’ll get things mailed out soon.  Keep in mind, my disclaimer states prizes will be sent within 4-6 weeks. I usually get them out within two weeks, but sometimes with conventions and traveling, it takes a bit longer so if you haven’t received a prize, I’ll get to them soon, I promise.

I’m torn between leaving my laptop at home or taking it… I need a real vacation, but I get so much work done on long drives…