Hard Candy Christmas…another batch of goodies for the contest


 Fine and Dandy
Lord it’s like a hard candy Christmas
I’m barely getting through tomorrow
But still I won’t let
Sorrow bring me way down

Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton


So yeah, Godiva chocolate isn’t hard candy, but still…candy is candy and clearly the woman is in need of comfort and chocolate IS comfort. 😉

So here’s another one of my favorite things…CHOCOLATE…and I love the song.

Adding these to the box of goodies, to be given away at the end of the contest.

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16 Replies to “Hard Candy Christmas…another batch of goodies for the contest”

  1. So happy I started following you on Twitter which led me to this blog. Been reading your books for the last few years, starting with the Grimm series. One of my favorites!

  2. My favorite holiday movies have to be the Santa Claus movies. I know they aren’t “classics”, but are ones that I never grow tired of and always enjoy with my kids.

  3. My favorite Christmas cookie would be any one with melty chocolate in it. I do not like shortbread and those things are everywhere at the holidays.

  4. I love all cookies…but I am a sweet lover!!! I think I’ve gotten crumbs on some of my books I’ve read, heh.

  5. I love my friend’s spiced berry cookies and her cran-orange but if I make them for the family, nothing beats the good old stand-by: sugar cookies.

  6. Cut out sugar cookies with icing are my favorite we make them every year for Christmas.

  7. I work retail; at Christmas anything I find I will eat! And no special cookie, no…chocolate though.

  8. My favorite cookie, at Christmas or year round, is snickerdoodles especially if my mom makes them. Hers are always better than mine! 🙂

  9. Oops! I should’ve commented under the name I used on Rafflecopter.
    My rafflecopter entries are under the name Library Lady.

  10. This is dangerous territory…I love SO MANY, it’s hard to choose! However, nothing says Christmas to me like molasses cookies with icing or a tray of macarons.

  11. Dark Chocolate is my favorite. My parents still put together stockings for all the kids/grand-kids on Christmas Day and my dad will go through and make sure all the special dark chocolate ends up in my stocking. *grin* And I love that song too. Dolly is a wonderful singer, it is hard not to like her music.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  12. My favorite holiday cookie is Christmas cookies. I know they’re “just” sugar cookies … only they aren’t.
    Otherwise… well it depends on my mood. I do still love sugar cookies. Or snickerdoodles… but sometimes I’m quite partial to the chocolate white chocolate chip cookies.

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