Carols…Transiberian style, more goodies!

Merry Christmas
Merry, Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Merry, Merry Christmases

From A Star to Follow by Transiberian Orchestra

Every year, we try to do something special with the kids for Christmas.  One year, we took them to the horse park in Lexington.  We’ve done Lights Under Louisville, taken them to the light displays at the zoos here in Louisville, in Indianapolis, in St. Louis.

This year, my husband heard that TSO was coming to town and he wanted to go.  It’s a little…um…bigger…than we usually do, but the older two love their music and baby bratlet really loves music in general, so I figured…why not.

And it was amazing.

So, here’s another favorite…not just the music, but a symbol of something is my world.  Memories of my family, at Christmas time.   Some Transiberian Orchestra music for the winner.


Adding this to the box of goodies, to be given away at the end of the contest.

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11 Replies to “Carols…Transiberian style, more goodies!”

  1. I have seen them in concert twice now. I love their Music. And the fact that they are doing stuff that is not Christmas Music now … is Awesome! Wish I had known about the PBS Special, would have enjoyed watching that.

  2. I like all sorts of cookies, but anything with icing is really good. I’m going to try a new recipe this year, a mocha cookie with mascarpone frosting. Yummm

  3. I absolutely love TSO! I just got done watching their special on WHYY/PBS. Awesome!

  4. Oh wow, what a wonderful thing to do with your family! *envy*

    To answer the question in the widget: I love the sugar and orange cookies I make, courtesy of my ex-MIL. Long ago she taught me how to make them, and through the years they have become my signature homemade gift for the holidays. Everyone loves them! Also, I have very fond memories of both my kids helping me bake them and then package them in recycled jars for their teachers and friends…

    I miss that, a lot.

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