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A doubler giveaway! I found this on my bookshelf…it’s signed by Nalini so I think I must have bought it for a giveaway and forgot. Oops!

angel's blood

Want it? Leave a comment below. It’s the first in the series, so if you haven’t read them, you’re fine to start here. And you should. Start here, I mean. Read these books. They are awesome. Read the disclaimer… winner name will be posted to the blog, sometime next week and you have to check back to see if you’ve won.  I do not email the winner. Entering means you’ve read and agree to the disclaimer.  Do not post this to sweepstakes sites, either.

Thank you.

Other stuff!  Look it… Kindle posted me to their blog!

A bunch of my Berkley books look to be marked down over at Amazon. Wrecked is $7.49, The Protected is up for preorder at $8.89, The Reunited is $8.89, etc.  It’s not a lot…some of them are only 50 cents cheaper, others are a dollar or so cheaper.  But hey, every bit helps, right? The link takes you to my Amazon page. Doesn’t look like the other sites have the same price at this time.

And, last but not least, Broken Blade is up for pre-order.  There’s a snippet over at my J.C Daniels site. Other links will be posted as they go live.

Don’t forget to comment if you want the Nalini book!


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  1. What a sweet giveaway, Shiloh! Thanks for the news and updates! Happy almost July 4th to you!

  2. I haven’t read any of her books, but I have read many great things about her writing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I would love to win this book for my keeper pile. Thanks for the giveaway. I have pre-ordered Broken Blade.

  4. I’ve read the entire series! (As well as her entire Pys/Changling series.) She’s one of my favorite authors. Her books are on the same shelf as all of my Shiloh Walker books!

  5. Adore these books and only recently discovered yours and girl? Yours are not too shabby either! I am English so hope you get it and know its a compliment not critique ! Trying to catch up on yours now

  6. Love this, =) can´t wait for Broken Blade!! I wish christmas was over already LOL
    Happy Wednesday & Happy Fourth tomorrow!

  7. Love this series…only one I don’t currently own in print. And signed even??? Awesome!

  8. What a coincidence, just started reading her Psy – Changeligs books. Got them recomended to me by my local bookswap store after telling her about Blade Song and Night Blade. Love that you all support ech other and let us experience new authors.

  9. Oh this is an amazing giveaway!
    The books of Nalini are so brilliant, addictive and so unique. =)

  10. I am a long time fan of her Psy-Changling novels, but have yet to read the Guild Hunter series.

  11. I was so excited to see that Broken Blade was available for pre-order, thinking maybe it would go on sale soon, but no, have to wait until January 🙁

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  12. Evening, I came across this site by pure chance. I absolutely love her books and had the privilege of meeting her when she came to London. I haven’t read your books before but I look forward to reading your books.

  13. I have this series on my TBR list. I would love to win book 1 so I don’t have to request it from the library. Based on my friends, I have a good feeling I will enjoy the series. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I enjoy both of Nalini’s Series. And you are right, we need more Bluebell. 🙂

  15. Oh! I haven’t started this series yet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I turned my sister onto Nalini and she has devoured everything of hers. I’m a huge Psy/Changeling fan myself and keep promising myself I will get to the Guild Hunter series one day when my TBR pile is manageable. Hmmm..maybe this book would give me a push to start 🙂

  17. Wow! Happy 4th July! And thanks for the giveaway. Love your books and Nalini Singh too.

  18. I have the book in fact all the books in the series but a signed copy??? Please include me in the draw!!!

  19. What a great giveaway.
    Thanks for the updates on your books.

  20. Thanks for the heads up on these deals and also for the great giveaway!

  21. Thank you for the giveaway! Signed books are treasures for this reader 😉 Awesome!!!

  22. I have just started re reading this series!! LOVE IT! I would very happy if i could enter!

  23. This is an awesome series! I’d love the chance to win a signed copy of the first book in the series 😀

  24. This series is already on my keeper shelf, so nabbing a signed copy would be the sauce following awesome.

  25. Hi , Thanks for the giveaway , also looking forward to Broken Blade.Have a great week!

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