Saturday snippets

THE PROTECTED, due out in the fall.

FYI, I love Gus.  He’s mean, he’s snarly, he’s dangerous. And he’s hotter than hell.

The Protected

Sighing, Vaughnne stretched out her legs and focused on the two males in the room.  Both of them slept, but neither of them did so easily.  Alex’s rest was fitful and he tossed and turned, occasionally muttering in his sleep or crying out.  Although Gus was still and silent, even in sleep, he looked ready to battle.  His hands were clenched, the muscles in his arms bunched, like he was ready to lunge into action at any moment. Ready to fight. Ready to protect.

Without thinking about it, she reached up and stroked a hand down his arm, thinking only to soothe him.

And what a mistake that was-

A split second later, her wrist was trapped and she had to bite back a gasp as he twisted it and jerked her forward.  Caught off-guard, again, she landed against his chest and glared down at him.

His eyes were foggy but clearing every second as he glared up at her.

Taut silence hung between them.

She licked her lips.

His gaze dropped to her mouth and a hunger like nothing she’d ever felt exploded through her.  If it hadn’t been for the boy in the bed just a few feet away, Vaughnne suspected she would have stripped off every damn piece of clothing she wore and rubbed herself against him like a fucking cat.  She might have begged him, might have pleaded… just one night, damn it.  That was all she wanted.

Well, no.  She wanted everything, but one night would suffice.

She sucked in a breath and just like that, the moment shattered.

He let go and she shoved away from him, pushing her hair back from her face and clambering out of the chair as he sat up, looking around.  His gaze lit on the boy in the bed and she said softly, “He’s fine.  He’s sleeping.”

“We need to go.”  The underlying urgency in his voice cut into her heart and she reached out, despite how stupid that had been a minute ago.

But this time, as her hand caught his arm, all he did was freeze.

“Go where?” she asked quietly.  “You know what’s after him now, right?  I know Jones showed you.”

“That’s why we have to go.”

“And how are you going to hide him from all that can come from that?  Can you protect him from an army?”

Gus’s hand shot out, fisting in the front of her shirt. He tugged her closer and lowered his head, pressing his brow to hers.  Hell warred in his eyes as he stared at her.  “Can you?”

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Eliza Gayle
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Lissa Matthews
Myla Jackson
Lauren Dane
Jody Wallace
Leah Braemel
Mandy M. Roth
Felicity Heaton
Mari Carr
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