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This is one of my older books, very erotic, handcuffs and dirty stuff and sexy times.

It’s on sale 25% of this week at EC.

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“Are you going to hate me forever for what happened that night?” he asked roughly, his hands curled into loose fists to keep from reaching for her.

Allie blinked. Once, slowly, like a sleepy little cat, he thought. She reached up and ran a hand through her tangled wet hair, an action that lifted her short robe even higher. Her body was still damp and when the robe rode higher, it clung and gaped, hinting at the naked body beneath it, revealing the slope of one breast, the edge of a soft, pink nipple. “I don’t hate you, Alex,” she said, shaking her head slightly. “I’m sorry if I’ve given you that impression.”

“I’ve been avoiding your brother for a while, because I didn’t want to risk running into you. I felt like an ass,” he said gruffly, wanting to close the distance between them and kiss her, to see if her mouth was still as soft and sweet as he remembered. “I hurt you, and I’m sorry for it. That was your first time, wasn’t it?”

Her cheeks flushed and her lashes lowered, followed by a soft, quiet sigh. “Yes. Alex, look—”

“Shh,” he murmured, moving a little closer, pressing one finger to her lips.

He knew women well enough to understand what he was seeing in her eyes. Embarrassment and self-doubt—that was something he hadn’t thought of until it was too late, and he should have, especially with Allie. He decided to risk closing that distance and he backed her up against the wall as he told her, “Do you know I dreamed of that night for weeks? Months?”