My bribe… or the first part #dabwaha

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If you’ve read NIGHT BLADE already, you can read this now. If you haven’t, read it, then read the bribe.  Trust me, you don’t wanna read it unless you’ve read the book cuz you’ll be confused.  Maybe mad at me.  It makes sense if you’ve read the book.


So…the bribe…I’ve had the Damon POV for a while, and if I get into the DABWAHA with BLADE SONG, I’ll expand it.  If I do well, I might even write more.

J.C. site

Look for the link that reads DAMON.

Go read it.  Then… if you want it longer… 🙂  Vote for BLADE SONG please… it’s here.  And you only have a day left.  It’s for the PNR/SF category and the ISBN is 9781617507779.  The author name is J.C. Daniels pen name.  🙂

2 thoughts on “My bribe… or the first part #dabwaha

  1. Patty

    Made my sister enter cause I already did!! Love the Damon POV and hopefully we’ll get more. 🙂

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