How to make a writer’s night


So there’s this thing locally…. Ladies Bourbon Club.  It’s relatively new, I think last night was just the second.


It was at Jack’s Lounge.  FYI… the Irish Bombe is to die for.

I get there late…I wasn’t the only one.  Liz was also late. I think it’s Liz.  I know she owns the burger truck…Louisville Grind, and I know one day I will venture out and get a damn burger from there.  Anyway, we were late miss the bourbon tasting, but these are awesome people and we got some bourbon anyway.  So that’s cool.

When I walked in, there’s a weirdo lady I know from twitter and apparently she is incapable of seeing me without saying…this is the Shiloh Walker.  It’s like she puts it in caps and I feel like I’m in a fishtank and I think she does it just to weird me out.  And I know one of her friends likes my books, so I had a copy with me to give at the end of the night.

And I went to do just that.

One of the ladies attending saw the book…and she asked me…”Ah, can I ask you something?”

Well, yeah.  (People ask me almost anything…I don’t always answer, but hey…)

“Are you really Shiloh Walker or are they teasing you?”

“Ah, no.  That’s me.”

And…“You’re kidding me! You have no idea how many of your books I’ve read!”

That is how to totally make a writer’s night.

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  1. I can totally see that. I would love to meet some of my favorite authors. (You’re on that list.) I just feel like the people that are writing these fascinating stories must be really interesting to talk to. I’m sure she was just as tickled to meet you as you were to hear her say that.

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