Another day, another stop, another chance to win…

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Today, my friends and I descend upon Fiction Vixen‘s site…


As Dru spun on her heel and stalked off, Joss swore.

He hadn’t gotten much more than fractured glances at her mind, but the images he’d gotten . . .

Look deeper.

Yeah. He’d looked deeper. Not deep enough, but he’d seen . . . well, he’d seen some things he’d hadn’t expected.

He’d felt her misery—that sudden, gut-wrenching betrayal when she’d seen him at the party . . . he’s one of them . . .

And he’d seen her escape from Whitmore’s mansion. And an escape it had been, no doubt about it. If she’d planned an escape, then she hadn’t been there to marry that fucking monster.

“She’s been trying to stop him, hasn’t she?” he asked grimly.

“Now you’re starting to figure it out. I knew you could do it.” Nalini smiled at him.

Due out tomorrow.

If you see it, I hope you’ll think about giving it try.  I hope ya love it.

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