Mini snippet…

It’s so hard to figure out what to post from this that isn’t going to spoil things.  I mean, like really hard.

But…I like this bit.  It’s not a sexy bit.  But it makes ya wonder…

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” Shay muttered. “Aw, hell. This was a waste of time.”

“No. It wasn’t.” Elliot stood there and continued to stare at the door. “She’s scared. Didn’t you see it?”

Due out tomorrow… 🙂

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Do you know what I’m up to today?  I’m hanging out at Fiction Vixen‘s place, with more loot!  I have LOOT!  Come…help me hide my LOOT!  This time it’s from Carolyn Crane.  And she has a weird computer.  Things do…odd…I mean really odd stuff on that computer.


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