STOLEN…releases today…signing, news, etc

So, STOLEN comes out today.

A snippet!

Shay awoke to darkness and silence.

Silence in her mind, silence all around her.

And warmth. There was an arm around her waist and a long, lean form pressed against her back.

Stiffening, she jerked upright and whipped around.

Light filtered in from the bathroom—she hadn’t left that light on. Well, she didn’t think she had, but she never left that light on. But if that light hadn’t been on, she wouldn’t have been able to see Elliot’s face. Elliot’s face. Which meant Elliot was there.

In her bed.

Elliot was in her bed.

Shay gulped.

“Morning,” he murmured, his voice a low, sexy rumble.

She gulped a second time and managed to squeak out, “Morning.” Then, as terror and nerves gripped her, she scrambled out of the bed and took off for the bathroom.

Halfway there, she realized she wasn’t wearing a shirt. But she was wearing her jeans. What the

Forget about it. She’d figure it out in the bathroom.

She slammed the door behind her and sagged against it, covering her face with her hands. She stood there trembling for a minute and then she stormed across the bathroom floor and turned on the water, washed her face. As she was brushing her teeth, she tried to think; she needed to think. The entire night was nothing but one black pit. She didn’t remember much of anything…

Not much of anything…Slowly, Shay lowered her hands. She didn’t remember the nightmares. That was almost always the first thing on her mind when she woke and they weren’t there.


She spit out a mouthful of toothpaste and rinsed her mouth out, staring into the black bowl of the sink. “No nightmares,” she whispered.

And Elliot’s words from the past night came back to her…I’ll be here if the nightmares start…

You can buy here, here, here, anywhere!  Well, not anywhere, but still. 😉

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There’s a signing coming up in Lexington this Saturday… I’ll have STOLEN and I think there will be copies of BLADE SONG on hand as well.

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161 Lexington Green Circle

Lexington, KY

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  1. I can’t believe I forgot to pick up my copy; I’ll be back at the bookstore soon, I’ll get it then….”old age”

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