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The floorboards, old and worn, creaked.

Shooting a glance over my shoulder, I saw Luc coming my way.

He moved slowly, with an easy, casual grace. When we’d first settled into the room, Krell had trotted all over it, time and time again, and I suspected Luc had been committing the room’s layout to memory. He’d moved around it several times over himself and now he came toward me unerringly. I was tempted to dodge around him and go hide on my bed.

Only one thing stopped me—pride.

Damn it, I was Myrsina. Others of our ilk trembled when they heard my name.

I’d be damned if I’d dodge away and hide because this one man made me nervous.

Even if I was standing there in just a T-shirt that skimmed a little high on my thighs.

I was nervous, damn it. Nervous and it made me even more nervous, and that pissed me off.

Defensively, I crossed my arms over my chest and decided I’d make a point of studying the black and white framed photograph hanging over his bed. It was of a ruin—probably local. The landscape was oddly familiar. Yes, yes, focus on the mundane—

“Why do you think you hear it when I don’t?”

Baring my teeth in a mockery of a smile, I said, “Because I’m the lucky sort, I guess.”

“Hmm. Nice try. But I’m not buying it. Try again.”

“Maybe you are the lucky sort,” I offered, shooting him a narrow look.

He cocked his head, a frown on that incredibly perfect face. I wanted to push my hand through his hair. Pull him to me, and for once…even if it was just once…I wanted to kiss him. Taste those lips, and feel his mouth on mine.

“Why are you angry with me?”

“I’m not,” I bit off. Was I?

“You’re angry with something and it has to do with me,” he said, his voice mild enough. “I feel it—your anger is like a red wave in my head.”

“I’m not…”

He lifted a hand.

Unerringly, he touched my face and I felt my breath squeeze down in nothing in my chest.

No, don’t touch me

But I couldn’t move away.

Not for anything. “You are angry,” he murmured. “And…”

Move, Sina! The voice of self-preservation was a trumpeting roar in my head and I knew I needed to move, needed to break contact. Even with my shields up, there were some things that were simply impossible to hide if the person had a gift like my own.

And Luc’s gift…was…just…like…mine.

Helpless, frozen in place, I stared at him and watched his eyes narrow. As something passed through his gaze, an awareness, I finally managed to find the strength to pull away and nudge him aside. “I’m not angry with you,” I said, my voice so raw I barely recognized it. “I—”

He caught my arm.

I jerked away but he didn’t let go.

“If you don’t let me go,” I warned him. “I’ll…”

So many years.

Did he have any idea what it was like to want something, to need it, for so long? And now, here he was…right there. In front of me. And not only was he right there…in front of me…it was happening at a time when I was so fucking vulnerable, when I felt so raw and exposed already.

“Let me go, Luc.”


The wave of red he felt in his mind stunned him for a second.

It was anger.

Luc knew anger.

Had lived with it with Perci for years, although it hadn’t ever been directed at him.

But he was no stranger to it.

Feeling it come from Sina was something of a shock, because to his knowledge, he hadn’t ever done anything that might anger her that much—had he?

The wave shuddered…and like one crashing against the sand, it broke. Over in the distance, he could feel another wave gathering, rising, rushing to the shore, but under it, he felt something else.

Under his hand, her skin felt smooth. It was odd that he noticed it then. As his mind was trying to understand that puzzle of her, he couldn’t help but notice how insanely soft, how impossibly smooth her skin was. And she smelled incredible.

“Let me go, Luc.” Her voice was husky, rough. She jerked against his hold and reflexively, he jerked back.

She tumbled against his chest and he lifted a hand, rested it on her hip.

He’d lost his mind.

It was the only thing that made sense.

Nobody in his right mind would touch Sina if she didn’t want to be touched—


The puzzle pieces clicked into place and all of a sudden, he saw it.

Saw what he hadn’t seen and understood what it was under the wave of anger. Anger…yes. Mostly at herself. Frustration…


His brain clicked off.

“Damn it, are you not hearing me?” Sina demanded, her voice rising. “Let me go.”

He opened his mouth. The words came out of their volition, he’d swear it. Because he wasn’t so crazy he’d challenge her like that…was he? “And if I don’t?”

He felt her tense against him.

It had been centuries since he’d lost his sight.

He couldn’t remember missing it more than he did at that moment.


He fisted his hand in the material of the shirt she wore—it was cotton, he thought, soft and warm from being against her skin. Maybe he’d like to peel it away from her. And—

Her mouth covered his.

Her hands pushed into his hair and she jerked him close.

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  1. Beauty & the Beast….because just as one should not judge a book by it’s cover neither should we do that with people…

  2. My favorite fairy tale is also Beauty and the Beast. I love the many variations of the tale as well.

  3. Little Red Riding Hood was always my favorite. I liked that the girl could beat the wolf.

  4. My favourite fairy tale is probably Beauty & the Beast, because they rescue each other.
    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  5. My all time favorite is Beauty and the Beast. Don’t know why, but I just love it.

  6. Beauty & The Beast w/ out a doubt! With Little Red Riding Hood being a close 2nd…it’s the whole Wolf thing…

    GREAT excerpt!!

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