My first German release…Blinde Wahrheit

It’s available now.

It’s a pretty cool cover.  And it’s my first German release.  It’s If You Hear Her, book 1 in the Ash trilogy, although that got changed a bit.

I want to buy it.  I wonder if I can get it from Book Depository.  Yeah, I’ll end up getting copies, but it’s my first German release.  I should totally buy that, right?

Look it!  Cool cover!

I think it means Blind Truth, but I don’t trust online translators, so that could be way off.

If by chance you’re German and you’d like to read it, it’s from Egmont Lyx.  It’s available here.

6 Replies to “My first German release…Blinde Wahrheit”

  1. I am German and your translator was right. I read it in English and liked it a lot. Can´t wait for Night Blade.

  2. @Tanja, I just used the online google translator… cool. I’m kinda curious how the German translation for the book turns out. I definitely like the cover. It’s… stark.

  3. I stopped reading the German translated books from Patricia Briggs when I recognized that the English books were easy to understand and so much better. I prefer the original language but I am happy about your first German release.

  4. *G* well, for me the English would be definitely easier to understand. Cuz I only know the one language. I keep telling myself I should learn a second one, but…um. Well… I never do.

  5. We had to learn two languages in school: English and French but I hated French from the beginning and today I know only the basics. It’s not good enough for French books so I stick with English ones.

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