For all those authors who seek to destroy their competition…

May I introduce you to the brilliance that is Meljean Brook

Re-Tweeted all author contests — if readers get other books for free they will buy mine. Saw that K.C. finally came online again to promote her new book and Tweeted so I Re-Tweeted her Tweet. Make note: I supported her, can remind her of it when I ask for quote.

Re-Tweeted last Tweet of all NYT authors. Should get awesome quote soon.

Checked Amazon rankings. Checked rankings of all other PNR authors. Saw N.S. much, much higher than me. Made new Amazon account. Voted down all five-star reviews for her books. Wrote three-star review. “Was hoping for something more like M.B.’s incredible work, but N.S. only delivered something okay. Who spells ‘hawk’ with an ‘e’? Also, M.B. is a more engaging and friendly Tweeter.”

And…because I can’t resist…*G* from comments…


by Shiloh Walker on January 10th, 2012 | Reply to this comment

Well, all you have to do is send SW some books, damn it. Geez, it’s not like I’m hard to bribe. Geez.

by meljean on January 10th, 2012 | Reply to this comment

Note to self: Get off internets, finish damn book, send to S.W. Include note in book about DESTROYING PEOPLE WHO LIKE AUTHORS EQUALLY. Be vague enough to make S.W. wonder if I am referring to her.

by Shiloh Walker on January 10th, 2012 | Reply to this comment

Excellent. That will feed into SW’s paranoia. Now get off the internets so I can sleep. Or…well. Not. Because if I’m not sleeping, I’m not writing tomorrow.


FYI…if you’re not sure what this insanity is about… well, it has to do with that purple unicorn rant.  I think.  Or maybe Meljean is just crazy.  Who knows.  After all…it IS Meljean.



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  1. No insult intended here but are you both off????
    In truth love reading of your friendship with other authors.

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