And the last batch…The Departed… Giveaway

Winner to be posted shortly (upcoming week.)  At this time, the giveaways are now closed for comments.  thanks and be sure to check back to see if you were the winner!

Last round…(FYI, the winner must check back to claim the prize-if you think you might forget, try setting up a google alert. It’s easy, I promise…) Also, because I’ve been emailed/asked… all entries made be made via the comments section of the blog.  Not thru email/Goodreads, etc.

Also included, but not shown…some random swag, bookmarks, pens, trading cards, etc.


Say something, he thought. Stop her, damn it. His mind was a raw, ragged wound and today, of all days—shit, today, yesterday, it was the worst possible time for him to be trying to think of something coherent to say to anybody. Especially the person who mattered to him the most. Dez.

But he had to say something. He just didn’t know what. Didn’t know what to think. His mind went blank. Words, the easy glib lines he could always hand out whenever he needed to do whatever he needed to do—they failed him. He needed to talk, needed to say something, but he couldn’t.

He had to do something, though, and he had to do it fast, because if he let her leave this time, he wasn’t going to have a chance in hell of getting her. Keeping her. And he was finally starting to realize that was exactly what he needed to do—what he wanted, what he absolutely must have.

Otherwise, he was going to turn into one of those shadows that haunted her. Maybe a living, breathing one, but everything that made him live would be gone.


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These are books I’ve picked up to give away.  And here’s your chance to win them.

To enter, name an author you’ve discovered in 2011 that you love.  Mine would be Thea Harrison.  🙂  The other authors are ones I’ve already read & enjoyed…before 2011. Well, except the author of Hunter’s Fall… not too sure about her. 😉

All names entered will go into the pot.  One winner will be drawn at the end of the contest and posted here.  Make sure you read my disclaimer-the winner is responsible for checking back to see if they’ve won- (hint…you can always set up a google seach for your name/whatever handle you see use.  Good way to keep track of contests).

Entering means you agree to the rules and that you’ve read the disclaimer.

More prizes will be randomly added with each giveaway post. (Or that’s the plan…) Entries must be made at my blog, not via facebook, twitter, GR, etc).

One winner will be drawn from all the names posted, and one winner will get the entire stash of goodies from the random giveaways posted here over the past few weeks. The name should be posted next week and you have two weeks to contact me to claim the prize, as per my disclaimer.


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  1. Jamie McGuire who wrote “Beautiful Disaster” and Heather Lichtenstein who wrote “Take This Regret”

  2. I have read a lot of new authors this year. Two that come to mind are Tara Lain and Rebecca Zanetti.

  3. Vicky Dreiling, Lydia Dare, Julie James, and Monica McCarty…. So many more.

  4. You and Lauren Dane were new to me in 2011. I found Thea Harrison due to cyber stalking you and Lauren. 😉

  5. I only discovered Larissa Ione when she released ETERNAL RIDER. With that book, I became a huge fan! I had to go back and get all the Demonica series to read more. And I had to get IMMORTAL RIDER just as soon as it was released. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Lords of Deliverance series, and any other stories she writes!

  6. I descoverd Maria Harte this year! Her books r Enjoy the Show and Closing the deal! thats just a couple of the 1’s i have read so far! God Bless u and urs Shiloh! U keep writing and i’ll keep buying!!

  7. I just discovered Stacey Kennedy and I now have another favorite author!!!
    Her book “Bless the Beauty” is amazing!!

  8. I discovered a number of new great authors this year, but my favorite is Cherise Sinclair. I’d love to claim it was you, but I’ve been a fan for a lot longer than a year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Haven’t found too many authors whose work I non-conditionally love, but have found several with individual books/series that I adore. Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop- OMG! Laura Griffin is good romatic suspense. Have also read tons of mysteries- Lori Armstrong (aka Lorelei James), Julia Spencer-Fleming, and Dana Stabenow. And, rediscovered how much I love Katie Allen, who has written some of my favorite contemporaries ever.

  10. OH Thea is fabulous. I honestly just found Sophie Jordan’s romance line and loved it. I have been reading Firelight and looked her up and found a whole new realm of rakes out there.

  11. Robin Wasserman was the author that I just came upon. I loved her future release I found on Netgalley and then I saw her new Frozen recover series and loved it.

  12. Wow, mine would be Thea Harrison, Lynsay Sands and Keri Arthur. Thank you so much :).

  13. I’d have to agree with you about Thea Harrison. I read Dragon Bound and then immediately scoured the earth for the next ones in line!

  14. I also loved Thea Harrison and I discovered Lisa Kleypas, who can just write about anything!
    Thanks for all the great giveaways!!!

  15. Thanks for the chance to win…
    One of my new author is Lorraine Heathe…Waking Up With The Duke is simply magnificent!
    Another is Christie Ridgway’s knitting club series
    Another new author in paranormal is Dana Marie Bell
    There you have a new author to read in ebery catagory
    I guess I was busy on 2011

  16. Yup, Thea Harrison. Dragon Bound was so much fun to read. Another author that I fell in love with this year is Eileen Wilks and her World of the Lupi series. Also discovered Eve Langlais, Tessa Dare and Eloisa James.

  17. I swear I did this yesterday, but not seeing my post, so I’ll try again. In 2011 I discovered, Shiloh Walker, Laura Kaye, Laura Wright, Thea Harrison, Jd Tyler,Catherine Mann, Stephanie Rowe, Dana Marie Belle, Shelly Laurenston, Erin Quinn, Christine Chenney, Vivian Arend, Heather Killough-Walden, and God only knows how many others! 2011 was a fab year for me! Hope 2012 will be as good. Can’t wait for If you See Her! I’m hangin’ here!

  18. first let me say thank you for the great posts these last days, i have had a lot of fun.
    my favorite author’s i have discover in 2011 and loved are Stacey Espino, Sophie Oaks and Delilah Devlin.
    I found you in December the year before so i can’t count you. 🙁

    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway and enjoy the rest of your week.

  19. gah

    I just worked ten hours straight–yes, I started before 5AM–and have no brain cells left. I’m sure there ARE new-to-me authors for 2011 somewhere in my brain, they are just not coming out.

    Does this count as an entry? If not…well, I tried. Sowwwy!

  20. I read alot so it’s hard to pinpoint new authors!! I rediscovered Cherry Adair this year, as well as Diane Whiteside, Cherie Priest and JT Ellison.

    I continue to enjoy Shiloh Walker (of course). Shannon Butcher, Stephanie Tyler, and Kelly Armstrong.

  21. I discovered Inez Kelley in 2011. I’ve read several of her stories but Sweet as Sin is my favorite.

  22. Thea Harrison, Jenn Bennett, and Maria V. Snyder were all new to me authors in 2011.

  23. I discovered Eileen Clark and would recommend her books to romantic suspense fans.

  24. I discovered Darynda Jones,Keri Arthur,Elisabeth Naughton & Laura Wright in 2011. Great authors!

  25. I discovered Shiloh Walker, Roxanne St. Claire, and Jill Shalvis just to name a few.

  26. There have been many new to me authors that I have read in 2011 and really enjoyed. If I had to pick just one though, it would be CL Wilson and her Tairen Soul series.

  27. Thea Harrison would definitaly be one (I’ve loved all of here books I’ve read)also the other would be Sharon Lee and Steve Miller and I guess this would be rediscovered.

  28. Virna DePaul and Thea Harrison both great authors. I met Virna at Lori Foster’s gettogether.
    Scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  29. Lara Adrian. I started with the latest book in her series. Which I never do.. I never read out of order. And immediately had to get the rest and read them. I am really looking forward to trying Thea Harrison, Ive read so many great things about her books.

  30. I’ve discovered a lot of new authors this year. My favorites are Nichelle Gregory, Sable Hunter, Jen Leblance, and Missy Martine.

  31. I discovered Jaye Wells and her Sabina kane series and Steven Hockensmith- i love reading Miss Elizabeth Benett turning into a zombie killing warrior ! Cool!

  32. My new author would be Dani Harper, Melissa Schroeder,Lara Adrian, and Dakota Cassidy.

  33. Larissa Ione. Found one her books (Eternal Rider) at the library and I have been hooked ever since!

  34. Mine would be Thea Harrison as well. I’ve listened to Dragon Bound, Storm’s Heart and Serpent’s Kiss on audio and have loved them all. Sophie Eastlake is a great narrator and that has made the experience that much more enjoyable.

  35. I’ve recently discovered Eve Langlais and (honestly I’m not sucking up here) Shiloh Walker. Their styles are different and I find myself quickly drawn into their stories.

  36. The best new author I found in 2011 was Michael R Hicks. He writes an awesome series called In Her Name.

  37. In 2011 I found book blogs which exposed me to a lot of new writers and I found Stacey Kennedy, Michelle Hauf, Nalini Singh and Meljean Brook. It was a wonderful reading year! I’m hoping I find many more in 2012!

  38. My favorite new author of 2011 is a YA author I found on LibraryThing. Melissa Conway has a real gift. I read 3 of her books last year.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  39. I read my first book Karen Marie Moning in 2011 (Darkfever), and now she’s definitely one of my faves. Thanks!

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