New winner chosen…

So the thrills and chills winner must not want her Nook.  This is the second winner.

So now we have a third.  Another name, randomly drawn. And it’s…

jepebATverizonDOTnet who commented:

Trying to post again….

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  1. I know I am having a particularily blonde day but still… I checked and don’t see any winners. Are they posted elsewhere?

  2. out of curisoity I’ve been checking every day and never noticed a post with the name of the first winner in it does anyone know who it was?

  3. Nawnee, if you’re referring to the giveaway for THE DEPARTED, there will only be one winner for that and we plan on having that winner’s name posted this next week. 🙂

  4. Thanks Shiloh that’s exactly the one I was talking about lol you host a ton of giveaways 🙂 and this is not a complaint lol

  5. Wow! I have been having horrible computer problems all week. I even had to resort to reinstalling the operating system! Thanks to Vampi Wench for letting me know that I won. I am sending an email now to confirm! Yippee!

  6. @ ELF, They were on the contest page… check under contest and the page for chills/thrills will come up, although once they didn’t contact me within the allotted amount of time, I scratched their name and put the new winner down. They are back in the archives somewhere if you do a search for thrills & chills, that should bring them up. 🙂 Don’t worry…it wasn’t you, though. 😉

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