Cut it off! Cut it off! #helpingout #soldiers

Okay, so we had a name from a while back… a marine by the name of Anthony Raymond. I can’t find the original post-I think it’s one of the ones that got lost during my move.

Anyway…He was stationed with a unit that didn’t get much mail or anything and we posted his name/unit here.

So today I get an email from my friend Kelley…

This was a forwarded part of the message:

She said, “Tony called. He said, ‘Mom, you can’t believe it! I must’ve received 100 boxes and given away more than 50 pounds of chocolate—Reese’s pieces! But tell them to stop sending them!’”…

…(cut some of the email out, not sure if it’s personal data or not)

a huge group of Marines was made very happy this holiday. He was very surprised because he hardly ever got anything during the other 4 or 5 deployments. It was depressing to be a leader and have the men share with him rather than the other way around.

I know some of you send stuff out…whoever sent something, thank you. You’re awesome…but Tony’s gotta head back soon, so we need to stop now. Whoever sent something…you’re amazing. Thanks so much.

FYI… per their requests, solider requests aren’t to be posted on FB.