Sigh…. Dear Former #PublishAmerica Author

FYI… comments are now closed on this.  This was mostly put up as an explanation to a certain few, should they choose to check it out, as to why certain comments were being moderated.  But the author in question emailed me earlier and apologized.  I don’t often see apologies…not to me, or to others, these days.  Especially sincere ones.  As I don’t want to see any other comments that don’t much add to what’s been said, especially after she did apologize…comments are now closed.

This is an email I just had to send to an author who keeps trying to spam my blog… she’s not happy with publish america, and I get that.  But that doesn’t mean she gets to use my blog as her soapbox.

I wanted to let you know that your comments on my blog are moderated.  They get caught by my spam filter and normally, I’d clear many of them through but unfortunately, you’re not trying to engage my readers in any sort of conversation.
Now I dislike Publish America.  A lot.  I think they are a bunch of con artists.
But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let somebody turn my blog into their soap box.  If you were coming onto my blog to actually engage readers and talk with us?
That would be one thing.  But just coming to my site to get them to your site?  Tha’s not going to happen.
I wish you the best of luck in the future…I’m sorry you got burned by them.  I realize it’s frustrating and painful.
UTA:  FYI… I’m allowed to THINK Publish America sucks.  It’s my opinion.  And I’m entitled to it.  Soooooo….

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