Random Snippets… Locked in Silence…

Going easy on a student was a sure way to see them in an early grave. She could still die. He wouldn’t let it happen.

He’d watched it once.

As much as it bothered him on a very deep level, he ignored it and set about doing what he’d been brought here to do—teach her.

Her eyes went wide the first time he cut her.

She got pissed the second time.

By the third time, when blood was making it hard for her to grip the knife, he was about ready to call it off—he’d done enough, and he had to admit, he was impressed. She was quick.

Very quick.

Silver flashed—big brown eyes glinted.

And he hissed out a breath as Vanya was suddenly pressed against him, her knife lodged against his belly, the tip barely penetrating.

“I think this means I got the next point,” she said, smirking at him.

There was blood on her face, just a smudge, from where she’d wiped the sweat from her eyes.

He lifted a hand, without even realizing it, thinking to wipe that blood from her face. Thinking about…

No. He couldn’t think about that.

Closing his hand into a fist, he nodded.

Taking a step back, he gestured to the weapons.

She cocked a brow.

“Damn, you’re letting me off easily,” she said.


Because he needed some distance.

Before he did something foolish…he’d almost kissed her.

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Dying is hard enough… coming back to life is brutal.

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