Locked in Silence…Random Snippets

She hurt.

Vanya thought the pain would choke her—either the pain or the blood.

Fear dominated her mind, swamped her.

I’m here, somebody whispered through her mind.

A hand touched her brow.

Strong, gentle.

Then it was gone—

No, she thought desperately. Please don’t leave…

“I won’t leave you alone. I’m here, Vanya.”

Who was he? She needed something to cling through during the dark, but she didn’t know how to ask, couldn’t find her voice to save her life.

And then, as though he’d sensed her need, she heard it again, a vague whisper of thought.

“I am Silence—”

Silence…what a strange name.

Her last conscious thought was that he knew her name…and she hadn’t been alone, after all.

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Dying is hard enough… coming back to life is brutal.

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