My do’s and don’t’s

So I’ve got some do’s & dont’s.  These are mine… just mine.  But I wanted to throw them out there.


  • remember your readers are entitled to an opinion…whether they liked your books or not.
  • remember your readers might not have liked one book… that doesn’t mean they won’t like another book.
  • remember to have a sense of humor.  makes this business a lot easier.
  • remember that book isn’t your baby.  really. and even if you have to think it is?  Well…I’ve got kids, and mine, much as I love them, they have flaws.  So…if you do have to look at your book as your baby, remember it’s probably going to have flaws.  Be prepared to fix them-not defend them to your dying breath.  Your kids deserve that devotion.  The book doesn’t.  Books deserve professional attention, not fire-breathing dragon-mama behavior.
  • remember that your setting a professional image. With every fricking thing you do or tweet or facebook or say or blog.  And it’s really, really easy to say things that can be taken the wrong way… especially online.


  • confuse what you write with who you are.  Writing erotica is all well good and good.  Doesn’t mean everything you say or do has to be related to sex.  Believe it or not, that turns readers and potentials agents and editors off.  Some good advice I heard on twitter?  If you wouldn’t say it a stranger on a bus?  Don’t say it to your readers.
  • expect everybody to love everything you write.  It will not happen.  You cannot please everybody.  Be prepared for that.
  • try to please to everybody.  You’ll wear yourself and just be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.
  • say anything you’re not willing to own.

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  1. “Books deserve professional attention, not fire-breathing dragon-mama behavior.”

    Yes, yes, yes. I know this. I also know some writers who don’t, and really need to learn it. o.O

    Why do people ask for advice on their writing if their going to argue with everything you say??

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