Saturday Snippets…From Tarnished Knight

Due out in September.  And as soon as my mean editor tells me I can, I even have a cover…
in ebook… print won’t be until a bit later

“I thought you said this was insane,” he muttered against her lips. Pull away, Jack…something strange is going on here, man.

“It is. I’ll figure it out later.” She caught his hands and guided them to her breasts. “Touch me…damn it, please touch me. I…shit, I feel alive when you’re touching me.”

There was something so broken, so raw in her voice.

He couldn’t not touch her. Couldn’t not cup her face in his hands and lift it his, brushing his lips over hers. “I think I like the taste of you,” he muttered. “The feel of you.”

He wanted to make love to her…gentle, slow. Needed it.

But she didn’t want gentle. Greedy, hungry, she skimmed her hands down his sides and grabbed the hem of his shirt, jerking it up. As she bared his chest, she leaned forward and nipped at his nipple with sharp teeth. “I don’t want slow, and I don’t want soft and sweet words. Fuck me,” she said, tipping her head back and staring at him.

She scraped her nails over the denim-covered ridge of his cock and Jack shuddered. Reaching down, he closed his hand around her wrist. “Is there any reason to rush?” he muttered against her mouth.

She cupped him with her other hand and squeezed.

Groaning, he caught that hand as well and then penned them behind her back, lifting his head to stare down into her glittering, hungry eyes. “What’s the rush, princess?”

She snarled at him. “Don’t’ call me that.”

“Fuck but I think it turns me on when you glare at me,” he muttered, dipping his head and nipping her lower lip. Then he licked it with his tongue and kissed a trail down her along her chin, her neck, until he could bite her gently through her bra. “I want to see you naked.”

“Then let go of my hands and I’ll get naked.”

He smiled at the command in her voice. “And what if I’d rather be the one to get you naked?” He let go of her hands, but before she could take care of her shirt, he did it–reaching up and grabbing the neckline, smiling down into her eyes and watching the surprise flicker as he tore the thin cotton apart.

Her breath caught in her throat and she glanced down, stared at the torn tank top before looking back up at him. “You forgot something.” Then a smirk twisted her mouth. “Although I bet you can’t tear the bra quite so easy–they make them pretty sturdy.”

That smirk…damn but it turned him on, and he was already so fucking hot, he hurt. “I can think of a way to get it off.” Holding her gaze, he reached up and grabbed one of the blades he had on the refrigerator.

He kept sharp, shiny objects in a variety of places, all over his house. It had saved his ass a time or two.

But this time, it had proved to be worth it for a different reason.

As he pulled the blade down and slipped the tip of it under her bra, he watched her eyes widen, watched as her lashes fluttered.

“You scared?” he teased.

Not that he really thought she would be and he wasn’t surprised when her green eyes opened and she smiled at him. “Of you? No way in hell.”

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