Lover Revealed

jrw-cover-lr-med1.jpgYou know one of the cool things about the writing business?  It’s getting to meet other authors.  People who actually understand when you complain about voices in your head.  People who aren’t tempted to call the looney bin, either.  😉

 Another cool thing…getting a sneak peak.  That was an unexpected bonus when I started talking to other writers.  I didn’t exactly set out to get books early, but they come up in the conversation and I shamelessly beg made a polite requests and sometimes, I get lucky. 

Last week, I got lucky again.  JR Ward sent me an ARC of Lover Revealed.  Butch’s story. If you’ve been reading the Brotherhood books, you know that Butch is that sexy, mouthy cop who has a habit of finding trouble.  I read it in one sitting.

Butch isn’t a perfect hero.  Far from it.  Marissa isn’t the perfect heroine, although in earlier books, she seemed like she ought to be.  Looks, money, you name it.  They are about as unlikely a couple as you can imagine.  They are also perfect for each other.  I won’t give away any spoilers, but this book is soooooo good.  I can’t decide if it’s my favorite or not.  And thanks to the excerpt at the end, I’m now slobbering for V’s story.  And JR, that mean wench, is going to make me suffer.